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Planned Parenthood Panics Over Price Nomination

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

In a panicked email to supporters, Planned Parenthood is urging its members to call their Senators to oppose the nomination of ardently pro-life Rep. Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services. is reporting on an email sent by the vice president of Planned Parenthood who told her supporters that Price has a “0” percent pro-abortion rating and has repeatedly voted to oppose abortion and funding for the nation’s largest abortion provider.

"Rep. Price has a 0% rating — yes, 0% — from Planned Parenthood Action Fund,” Planned Parenthood abortion VP Dawn Laguens complained. “He’s voted against women’s health and reproductive rights at least 30 times — against the Affordable Care Act, against funding for Planned Parenthood health centers, and against the right to access safe, legal abortion. Time and time again, Rep. Price has proven himself to be a direct threat to women’s health and rights.”

She adds: “Rep. Price is the wrong nominee for the job, which is why we oppose his nomination. Help us stop it now. Send a message to key senators now: Oppose Rep. Price for Secretary of HHS.”

After informing her supporters that a small group of senators on two key committees will be the first to question Rep. Price during the nomination process, she recommends they send the following message to those lawmakers: “A majority of Americans support access to reproductive health care, including abortion, and we expect our nation’s top health care officer to protect and expand access to care. If he won’t do that — and his record strongly suggests he won’t — he’s not fit for the job.”

Of course, there’s not a single lawmaker on Capital Hill who wants anyone to lose their health care, but by making these utterly ludicrous and sweeping claims, they are frightening women into thinking that without Planned Parenthood, they will lose all access to reproductive health care.

What Laguens isn’t telling them is the truth – when Planned Parenthood stops soaking up so much taxpayer money, thousands of community clinics across the country will be able to provide women with much more comprehensive health care, not only for themselves but for their families as well.

For good reason, Planned Parenthood has been in full panic-mode since the election of President-elect Donald Trump. It's website features an image of a clinic with the words “These Doors Stay Open” blazoned across the picture.

A fund-raising pop-up pleads for money after telling visitors: “Planned Parenthood health centers and patients will face unprecedented dangers in the coming months. We're counting on you to help us continue our work to protect and promote reproductive health and rights.”

Their alarmist rhetoric is not fooling everyone, however, with an ever increasing number of Americans realizing that the only thing Planned Parenthood is trying to protect is their lucrative abortion business and the half-billion dollars they receive from taxpayers every year.

Only God knows the future, but this new administration could cut this dark and menacing giant down to size once and for all.

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