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Occult-based Practices of Jo Dunning

jo dunningIF writes: “My question is about Jo Dunning founder of Quantum Energetic Disciplines TM. I know the word ‘quantum’ makes her already New Age, but I wonder if there has been some research into her background?”

For those who never heard of her, Jo Dunning is a New Age healer, channel and psychic, who has been described by fans as “a profound wise and intuitive Being.” She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient and believes these gifts are not in the least bit extraordinary but are within the reach of anyone who wants them.

She was a practicing Catholic for the first 25 years of her life which is why she professes to have “a great fondness for the whole Christian doctrine.” After that point, she spent another 15 years dabbling in metaphysics and exploring how to become a channel and to work with crystals and pyramids, as well as how to “connect with beings that have died.”

At some point in this spiritual journey, Dunning was sharing a home with a friend and spiritual teacher when an armed intruder broke into the house. He killed her friend and shot Dunning at point-blank range. She survived the shooting and lived to tell about the dramatic affect it had on her life.

"It was as if everything I had ever talked about and believed in was gone,” she told a reporter for the Seattle New Times. “So I took a very close inventory of what was left. Only two beliefs remained. The first was a belief that everything in life comes as an opportunity to awaken and expand myself. It's up to me to decide if I want to take that opportunity. Another way to say it is that everything comes as a gift from God, which is non-duality or Oneness."

Rather than returning to Jesus, she continued down her New Age/occult path and claims to have come to the realization that “inside of every single person there is a part of us that knows how to get from where we are to where we want to be. That aspect is sometimes called divine guidance; or spiritual connection; or the still, small voice."

She also claims that ever since the shooting, she has had a “powerful energy” flowing through her hands that was so intense it left hand prints on the people she touched. On her website, she claims that she was soon able to “see inside the body and could use this energy to repair broken bones or help rebuild health or even restore happiness.”

Everyone has these gifts, she insists, and just needs to discover and develop them.

“All we need to do is begin to unwrap the layers of our personality. As we unwrap those coverings over our Divine Self, then all of the gifts begin to come forward. . . . If our focus is to connect with God, then we continue to unravel towards the core and our Divinity. Soon we discover that all of us are psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient. All of us can heal at a distance or do hands-on healing. All of us can even experience levitation, bilocation, and all the other amazing gifts the great masters demonstrate. So I don't call these things unusual, I just call them unused."

These beliefs became the new focus of her life and she became a well-known New Age energy healer throughout the world. She also trains others to use these “gifts” by offering initiations that she claims can “awaken consciousness”.

“The energy Jo uses comes directly from Source and is pure, powerful and often dramatically healing. At the same time it is gentle and very natural feeling. It leaves each person with a feeling of being deeply loved and cherished as their lives change and become more magnificent,” her website claims.

She is also the founder and director of Quantum Energetic Disciplines and developer of The Quick Pulse Technique, which she claims is a world recognized method for rapid clearing of life issues and personality limitations.

She has developed a very popular Training Program offering certification as an Energy Practitioner and regularly offers life and consciousness changing events, retreats and Initiations which are available by teleconference, live streaming and in person.

At this point, it should be obvious to the reader that Jo Dunning’s “gifts” are sourced in the occult. Regardless of whether her background story is true, she is actively consorting with the Father of Lies who has thoroughly deceived her into thinking she is somehow doing good for the world by instructing others on how to join forces with him to help others to “discover” what he tricked Eve into believing – that they are gods. It’s the same old ruse, just in a different wrapper.

Regardless of how endearing and sincere she may appear, Jo Dunning’s work is to be strictly avoided.