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A New Woo for You: Life Alignment

Eilat Haimovich Eilat Haimovich

New Age energy medicine comes in all shapes and sizes and has a remarkable capacity for reinventing itself. I never cease to be amazed . . .

My latest discovery came from an advertisement for a new book by a “Life Alignment” healer named Eilat Haimovich that somehow landed in my mail box.

Haimovich believes that in order to live a balanced life we need to be involved in at least six “life fields”; work, relationship with spouse, parenting, home making, sports, friends, specific hobby, and nutrition. (I guess that makes me - an unmarried childless Christian woman who does not like sports - doomed to be perpetually unbalanced.)

In her bio, she mentioned that she became a Life Alignment practitioner and I decided to look into this a bit further. What I found was a virtual treasure-trove of New Age woo.

Life Alignment is the invention of a man named Dr. Jeff Levin (he’s a Doctor of Natural Medicine) who calls himself an “internationally renowned healer and world authority in the field of Energy Medicine. He claims that as a young child growing up in South Africa, he intuitively understood and perceived the invisible realms beyond the three-dimensional world and whose "healing gift" soon became evident.

Levin eventually married, became an architect and moved to North America, but his interest in healing never died. He became involved in a variety of New Age alternatives such as attunement vibrational medicine, reflexology, body electronics, Touch for Health, iridology, colon therapy, radionics, homeopathy, etc. Levin went on to become a Doctor of Natural Medicine and founded the Natural Health Institute in Toronto in 1983.

Somewhere along the line, he developed Life Alignment which he refers to as a “cutting-edge system of energy medicine” which addresses health and wellbeing; psychological growth; spiritual development; home and environment; business and creative endeavors.

Dr. Jeff Levin Dr. Jeff Levin

“Developed from a synthesis of ancient healing wisdom and modern science, and incorporating revolutionary Vortex technology, it takes a holistic approach to transformation," his site explains.

Life Alignment claims that we must take into account all aspects of both our internal and external environment in order to be truly healthy and offers "healing “systems” related to body alignment (which addresses obstacles to physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being and growth); home alignment (which clears the “energy dymanics of our homes”); organizational alignment (optimizes efficiency in businesses); vortex technology (a vibrational healing that “transmutes geopathic stress and environmental toxins” such as those transmitted by cell phones - into “beneficial frequencies that strengthen the human energy field”).

I couldn’t resist looking a little deeper into the last item on the list -  Vortex technology. This consists of 25 “individually potentized” magnetic cards that allegedly contain unique energy frequencies that can help to transform blocked energy and bring the body and environment into balance.

“There is a subtle, ‘vital’ energy frequency, or ‘life force’, in all living cells,” Levin claims, even though there is absolutely no evidence of this energy in our cells or anywhere else for that matter. “This universal energy has been harnessed and imprinted into the Vortex cards, and held permanently in place by its weak magnetic plate.”

He claims that the energy emitted by the Vortex cards transforms negative energies into a frequency that resonates with the Earth’s natural frequency - thus making everything better.

“This frequency corresponds to the mid-Alpha range of human brainwaves when in a meditative state, and helps to balance the human energy field,” he claims.

“This powerful technology provides personal protection both from disturbing energies in people and the array of electronic devices we use in everyday life [Pendant card], and environmental protection through balancing buildings or larger areas of land [Rainbow card].”

He insists that these cards can be used to do everything from enhance air quality to align the structure of the body.

Where is his evidence that these cards can work so many signs and wonders?

There isn’t any.

Big surprise.

Needless to say, don't waste your money on Life  Alignment.