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Vortex Healing is Occult-Based

33004295_sLR writes: “I have some friends who have gone through Vortex Healing. What can you tell me about it.”

Vortex Healing (VH) is an occult-based practice that is described as “a healing art and an awakening path . . . .” that works with Divine healing energy, magic, and Divine consciousness.

According to this document published by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the term vortex refers to “an energetic structure that functions as an interface between the physical world and a divine realm that contains pure healing energy. The Vortex is comprised of vibrational octaves of divine consciousness which has also been equated with multi-level spinning light . . .”

If that doesn’t sound New Age/occult enough, consider its origins.

“VH has its roots in an ancient Avatar called Mehindra. Around 753 BC an English man reportedly received a revelation from Mehindra/Merlin. This man was able to pass on this gift from Mehindra directly to others, which was the beginning of VH . . . .”

(The Merlin being referred to in this statement is the legendary wizard associated with King Arthur of Camelot.)

VH was allegedly rediscovered by Ric Weinman in 1994 who reported experiencing something “inter-dimensional” at the time of this reception. In his bio, Weinman received a liberal arts degree in 1971 and was basically a drifter who lived “at the edge” for many years. He began to work as a healer after his “psychic abilities” began to activate.

Ric Weinman Ric Weinman

“At that time, he also started to connect inside to various Divine beings, both alive and no longer in the body. His connection to the Divine became his main lifeline,” his bio reads.

This could explain the almost ritualistic practice of VH, which involves a type of channeling "located in the heart" which is described as being a “vehicle” for Merlin’s presence.

“VH involves pulling energy in to the person, affecting their physical and emotional vibrational energetic system . . . through light-energy that flows in to the healee’s vital web," the document explains.

Three things take place during the treatment: “1) direct transmission of healing tools; 2) movement that evolves and accelerates the healer’s energy system towards divine consciousness; and; 3) Creation of a bridge between the healee’s energy system and the divine power . . . .”

This supposedly accesses the divine consciousness which has the intelligence to determine what is wrong with the healee.

“Meditations are used for connecting the healee more deeply within the divine presence and opening of the spiritual heart . . . Techniques also include grounding cords that facilitate the grounding vortex to connect the healee to the earth strengthening them during the process . . .”

Workshop classes on VH may also make use of “healing grids, yogic movements and energetic embodiment.”

It’s important to note here that the healing tools used are not generated by the practitioner but “rather by a divine presence that operates through the healer, facilitating a bridge between divine energy and divine consciousness.”

The paper freely admits that scientific evidence in support of this practice for the healing of anything is “almost nonexistent.”

The only study they cite examined the effect of VH on the germination rate of okra and zucchini seeds.

The authors of the study claimed that the study involved 1200 which were “treated” twice a day for 15-20 minutes. The “treatment” consisted of a variety of bizarre actions such as consciously connecting to the seeds, focusing intention on the seeds to germinate faster than the control group, “asking for energetic structures” to enable this, and becoming an open channel for divine energy to flow through. The study was published in an alternative journal.

Needless to say, this practice is steeped in the occult and should be avoided. Anyone who has participated in VH should 1) personally renounce having done so, and; 2) go to confession and repent of this involvement in an occult practice.