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Apparitions Approved in Argentina

Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas

The Most Reverend Hector Cardelli, local bishop of San Nicolas, Argentina, announced on Sunday that the apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary, which took place in his diocese from On October 13 1983 to February 11,1990 are “supernatural in character” and “worthy of belief.”

Patti Maguire Armstrong is reporting on the pronouncement regarding the apparitions and messages from Our Lord and Our Lady which were given to a devout Catholic housewife named Gladys Quiroga de Motta.

During the nearly seven-year period of the apparitions, the Blessed Mother visited her daily and she received 68 messages from Jesus Christ. In addition to the visions and messages, Gladys began to receive the stigmata during Advent and Lent and numerous documented healings associated with the apparitions took place.

The apparitions began on September 25, 1983 when Mary appeared to Gladys while she was praying the rosary in her bedroom. The Mother of God is said to have been dressed in blue, held the Infant Jesus in her arms and a rosary in her hand.

According to the History of Mary of the Rosary of San Nicolas Mary appeared again on the 7th and 12th of October and began to speak to her on October 13th.

Our Lady told the seer: “You have done well. Do not be afraid. Come to see me. I will take you by the hand and you will travel many paths. Rebels are unjust and humble the servants of the Lord. Seek help and you will receive it. Do not fear. Nothing will happen to you. The Lord leaves nothing at random.”

She then encouraged Gladys to record and share the messages, which she began to receive frequently.

“The Holy Rosary is the most feared weapon of the enemy,” Mary said during one apparition. “Santo Rosario is the weapon to which the enemy fears to him. It is also the refuge for those seeking relief, and is also the door to enter my Heart. Glory to the Lord for the light that He gives to the world.”

Argentine medalOn another occasion Mary said: “The prince of evil spills today his poison with all the forces, because he sees that he is concluding his sad reign. He has little left, his end is near. Oh my poor children, few of you are those that deepen in Christ, and many of you are highly eroded by sin.”

She also predicted glorious days ahead for the Church: “The most intense light of Christ will resurge, just as in the Calvary after the crucifixion and death came the resurrection, also the Church will resurge again by the force of love.”

Jesus also gave dozens of messages to the humble mother of two grown daughters:

“Previously the world was saved with Noah's Ark. Today the Ark is My Mother. By means of Her, the souls will be saved because it will bring them towards Me. Whoever rejects My Mother, rejects Me.”

On another occasion, He said: “Many are ignoring the graces of God these days. You must go and evangelize. Do not pay attention where. Wherever you are, evangelize to your brothers who know nothing about the word of God. Do not forget. Evangelize.”

Shortly after the messages began, Gladys’ confessor, Father Perez, listened to her description of Mary and realized that a statue bearing a close resemblance to the apparitions had been stored in the parish’s bell tower for many years. The statue had been blessed by Pope Leo XIII and once stood in a place of honor in the cathedral.

When Gladys saw the statue, she immediately identified it as the image of the apparitions. At the very same moment, Our Lady appeared across from the statue, referred to Exodus 25:8, and directed that a church be built. Gladys was also instructed to have a medal struck with the invocation of Mary of the Rosary of San Nicholas, and the Most Holy Trinity on the reverse with seven stars.

“My daughter, the meaning of seven stars is seven graces that my Son Jesus Christ will grant to whoever has it on its chest. Praised be the Lord,” Mary instructed.

The first miraculous cure associated with the apparitions occurred in 1984 when a seven year-old boy named Gonzalo Miguel who was terminally ill with a brain tumor. Father Ariel David Busso came to the child’s bedside to give his First Holy Communion and administer the last rites. While there, Father Busso placed him under the care of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas. The boy began to improve almost immediately. Within days, he was pronounced to have been inexplicably healed.

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