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Quantum Woo

quantum loveCF writes: “There is a new book using quantum physics by Dr. Laura Berman. It is called Quantum Love and its sound suspicious to me. Is ‘quantum science’ a real science? Dr. Berman talks alot about science proving 'energy fields' now. Really? Her book is how your mate can 'feel' your negative or positive energy. I thought that was called paying attention!”

The only way this book could be more obviously New Age is if it changed its title to Quantum Love is New Age. This book and its main philosophy is nothing more than New Age woo.

But it sure sounds good!

According to the author, who describes herself as a “world renowned sex and relationship educator and therapist,” Quantum Love is “all about harnessing your body’s energy to create the love, relationship and sexual connection you long to experience.”

Just like every other self-help guide produced by gurus in the New Age’s Human Potential Movement, it teaches that “you have the power to change everything, right now . . .”

Who needs God when you can do it yourself?

According to Berman, all you need to do is recite a set of five meditations that will put you into the Quantum Love Zone where all that you desire in love will become instantly yours! Her Quantum Love Guided Meditations are “designed to help you improve your body’s energetic frequency, create the relationship you desire, and give your sex and romantic life a major boost! With these meditations, you are on your way to Quantum Love and becoming a master manifester [is that a word?] in your romantic life!”

You get all this for just $20 (if you buy the book from the world’s largest New Age publishing company – Hay House.)

Dr. Laura Berman Dr. Laura Berman

In the first chapter of the book, Berman describes how she discovered Quantum Love which was the result of her own experience with cancer and the death of her mother. She talks about how she rediscovered Rhonda Byrne’s best-selling tome on the Law of Attraction, The Secret, and how she applied her scientific background to better understand how the Law of Attraction works. She believes she found all her answers in quantum theory, or, rather, her idea of quantum theory, which is the classic New Age definition.

First, here is a correct definition of quantum theory:

“Quantum theory is the theoretical basis of modern physics that explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level. The nature and behavior of matter and energy at that level is sometimes referred to as quantum physics and quantum mechanics.”

Now let’s hear from the New Age thinkers of the 1970’s – two in particular who are credited with creating the New Age version of quantum physics - Fritjof Capra (The Tao of Physics) and Gary Zukav (The Dancing Mu Li). These two men decided to toss a little mysticism into the mix and came up with the idea that quantum theory confirms traditional teachings of Eastern mysticism (with its belief in chi, ki and other forms of a universal life force) which posit that human consciousness and the universe form an interconnected, irreducible whole.

In other words, our world – and everything in it – is just one big interconnected energy bundle. And if you put out the right vibes, you can connect with anything your heart desires (aka the Law of Attraction).

Of course, this is nothing more than a bunch of Quantum woo put forth by two New Age enthusiasts – one of whom had no training in physics at all (Zukav) – which explains why these outlandish descriptions of quantum physics have always been dismissed as nonsense by serious physicists.

But New Agers never let a little junk science stand in their way!

Before long, more people were jumping on the Quantum woo train, such as Deepak Chopra who promotes quantum healing – the idea that we can cure anything that ails us just by applying the correct amount of mental power.

“According to Chopra, this profound conclusion can be drawn from quantum physics, which he says has demonstrated that ‘the physical world, including our bodies, is a response of the observer. We create our bodies as we create the experience of our world’ (Chopra 1993, 5). Chopra also asserts that ‘beliefs, thoughts, and emotions create the chemical reactions that uphold life in every cell,’ and ‘the world you live in, including the experience of your body, is completely dictated by how you learn to perceive it’ (Chopra 1993, 6). Thus illness and aging are an illusion and we can achieve what Chopra calls ‘ageless body, timeless mind’ by the sheer force of consciousness.”

Berman takes it even further and tells readers in the first chapter of her book: “Simply put, Quantum Love is the love that results when you consciously take ownership of the energy in your body, heart, and mind and use it to serve your relationship. It’s taking quantum physics—the science of how energy works—and applying it to your love life in a way that reveals your hidden power to create exactly the relationship you want.”

Talk about a stretch. But it’s entirely possible if you use her idea of quantum physics rather than what quantum physics really is.

However, besides the quackery, there’s another danger in her Quantum Love concept – the worship of false gods.

Berman makes this very clear in the first chapter. “So when I refer to God, I am really talking about the energy of Love, vibrating at the very highest frequency,” she writes. “I do not think that God is somewhere out there in the distance, a million miles away. Rather, I think we are all God and God is in us. I believe that each of us is a gorgeous, unique, and magical expression and creation of that all-knowing, all-encompassing, perfectly designed Love.”

Yes, we are all created in the image of our Creator – but He’s a person, not a life force. We don’t just use Him to get what we want in life as if He’s some sort of garden tool or kitchen gadget.

I could go on and on but I think you have the idea. Quantum Love is nothing but the usual New Age woo in a newer and more attractive package.