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USCCB Holds Dissident Groups Responsible for Passage of Obamacare

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist The President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) criticized the actions of Sr. Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Association (CHA) and other “so-called Catholic groups” for causing “confusion” and a “wound to Catholic unity” by publicly supporting ObamaCare in spite of the bishop’s open opposition to the bill. The Catholic News Agency (CNA) is reporting that Cardinal Francis George addressed the issue during the bishops’ spring meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida. After recounting the events that took place prior to passage of the controversial health care reform bill, he criticized the actions of Sr. Keehan and the CHA, saying they created the “dangerous precedent of a parallel magisterium to the bishops.” The USCCB maintained a consistent moral position of protection of life and inclusion of immigrants throughout the debate over health care reform and “never backed down,” he said. But after the Stupak Amendment was defeated in the Senate in December, “everything went south.” It was at this point that “the Catholic Health Association and other so-called Catholic groups provided cover for those on the fence to support Obama and the administration.” He went on to say that he believed “Sr. Carol and her colleagues are to blame” for the passage of the health care bill. The Cardinal then revealed the many times the bishops reached out to Sr. Keehan to try to make her understand the bishops’ concerns and bring the CHA back in line with Church teachings. However, every meeting concluded with “the same frustrating results.” Sr. Keehan is continuing to defend herself by saying the Executive Order issued by the President that prohibits the use of taxpayer funds for abortion makes the health care bill, “pro-life.” But Cardinal George disagrees, calling the Executive Order “meaningless.” "Sr. Carol is mistaken in thinking that this is pro-life legislation,” he said.   The Cardinal concluded by expressing disappointment with the CHA “and other co-called Catholic groups” because, “in the end, they have weakened the moral voice of the bishops in the U.S.," which has resulted in "confusion and a wound to Catholic unity." © All Rights Reserved, Living His Life Abundantly®/Women of Grace®