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The Millennium Method is Occult-Based

16044724_mLT writes: “I have Catholic friends who use the Millennium Method for healing. Is this legit?”

No it is not legit. In fact, the Millennium Method is spiritually dangerous because it is based in the occult.

The Millennium Method was created by Canadian Jessica Taylor who claims to be from a long line of intuitives and clairvoyants.

She claims to have come down with a deadly illness in 2001 and began studying quantum physics and Chinese energetic medicine which led to her becoming a certified Yuen Method practitioner. (The Yuen Method was created by Kam Yuen, a former stunt coordinator for the TV show Kung Fu, who is also a chiropractor and claims the method finds the exact causes of bodily weaknesses and “resets” the mind, body and spirit.)

Taylor claims to have used the method to find the root cause of her illness which led her to being able to cure the incurable. From there, she relieved her son of autism and another child of renal issues. She spent the last decade studying a variety of New Age and occult-based practices such as matrix energetics, angel medicine and alchemy.

From this experience she developed the Millennium Method which is described as being a deck of specially designed cards that she claims can stimulate intuition and the right brain. Another element involves using the C1 vertebra which many cultures believe is the area used to gain access to the body in order to eliminate the root causes of disease.

“The Millennium Method combines fractal art, quantum physics and energy medicine,” Jessica explained to Ecozine in 2014. “It is described as ‘Conscious Awareness Shifting’ by identifying the root issues and weaknesses within the body-mind complex on all seven levels of life - emotional, mental, physical, psychological, psychic, spiritual and karmic. It then resolves the imbalances, and improves wellness by optimizing bodily functions at the physical, psychological and mental levels.”

Taylor, who has no medical training, also claims that this method can help clear “biotoxins” (pollutants) that lie undetected in our bodies but are commonly misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, ADD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and many autistic conditions.

When one visits her website they will find no scientific evidence of any of these claims. She offers nothing more than two testimonials.

Notwithstanding the fact that this method is scientifically preposterous, the practice involves the use of the same occult powers employed by medical intuitives who rely upon psychic powers to diagnose a person’s physical condition.

Christians who engage in this practice are opening themselves up to demonic influences that have the potential to wreak havoc on their mental, physical and spiritual lives. As such, this practice should be strictly avoided. Any Catholic who has unwittingly engaged in the Millennium Method should personally renounce having done so and seek forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.