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Help! I Fell for the 5 Angels Scheme! Now what?

angel phonyWe have received mail from several people recently who were concerned about becoming involved in an internet scheme known as the “The Gift” which offers three (some say five) angels into the home for five days upon certain conditions. When word got out that these “angels” were beings channeled by a German medium named Irma, people who fell for this dangerous prank understandably were thrown into a state of panic.

Did I let demons into my home? Is there any way to get them out once they’ve been invited? How do I get rid of them if they’re here?

The most recent installment of this occult-based fraud involves five alleged archangels named Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron who will supposedly reside with the person for five days and offer them all kinds of enlightenment and guidance while blessing anyone who comes into their home.

The instructions which come with the email say the invitee must set up an altar in the home which contains a white flower, a candle which must be lit while they are there, a sealed envelope containing three wishes – one for mother earth, one for your family, one for you – and an apple which will be left uneaten until the angels leave the home. The house must be clean and tidy “much like you would prepare if you were receiving a house guest”. Perhaps the most ludicrous condition is that these same instructions must be sent to three new people at the end of the five days and their physical addresses must be provided “so the angels will know where they’re going.” (As if preternatural beings, possessed with super-intelligence, need to be told such things!)

The person who forwarded this material to me said she normally knows better than to fall for such ploys, but it was sent to her by someone whose judgement she really trusted – until reading our 2011 blog revealing the truth about this scheme. Now she is understandably concerned about what beings she invited into her home, if they are indeed there, and how to get rid of them.

First, let us be assured that Jesus will always give us a way out of a situation like this. Anyone wishing to be freed from these spirits simply has to repent of being involved with them and ask for His help.

To avoid falling into this trap in the future, It's important to remember who angels are – messengers of God who exist solely to do His will. They are under His command – not the command of channelers and a myriad of email recipients. Knowing the devil to be the trickster that he is, we can assume that he will be more than happy to masquerade as one of these phony angels into someone’s home, especially those who are willing to violate the First Commandment by building an altar to false gods. (Even if they were angels, worship belongs to God alone.)

And because God also controls Satan, He may or may not allow demonic entities to enter your house.

However, just in case some did enter, the first thing to do is dismantle the altar, then say a prayer of renouncement such as: “Jesus, I renounce this scheme to invite angels into my home. I repent of having been involved in it and ask for your forgiveness." This is necessary because you invited these angels into your home with your free will – and now you must banish them with your free will.

Next, go to confession and confess having been involved in this, even unwittingly.(Willful intent must be there in order for it to be a sin but the sacrament of reconciliation is very purifying so it is never a waste of time.) While there, you should also ask your spiritual advisor or the Holy Spirit to enlighten you about what made you get involved in this scheme so that you can better understand your underlying motives. Otherwise, you run the risk of falling for another scheme somewhere down the road. Was it out of a secret desire for power, for some kind of special knowledge, for more “things” like money and a bigger home or car?

Next, it would be prudent to walk through your house while sprinkling holy water or blessed salt (room by room, including closets). While doing so, say: "With the authority of Jesus Christ, I bind and cast out all spirits who are not of God." Unless you begin to have signs of infestation (strange noises, smells, shadows, etc.) you should be okay. If anything does manifest, then have your house blessed by a priest.

The best protection against evil (aside from avoiding email schemes such as the above) is to remain in a state of grace. Pope Paul VI called it "the most decisive defense”. Regular reception of the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, devotion to Our Lady, a strong prayer life, etc. affords tremendous spiritual power that cannot be understated.

In other words, the best defense against Satan is to not just call yourself a Catholic, but be a Catholic!