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Angel Boards are Ouija Boards in Disguise

angel boardSMB asks: “What are Angel Boards? They look a lot like Ouija Boards. Are they the same thing and are they safe to use?”

Angel boards are just as dangerous as Ouija boards, perhaps more so because they haves the same purpose as a Ouija board – contacting “spirits” – only they pretend to be summoning guardian angels to make it seem less dangerous.

For those of you who have never heard of these boards, they are similar to Ouija boards and are used to contact angels and spirit guides.

Here’s how Amazon describes the board it sells new for $499:

“The Guiding Light Angel Board is a message board that will help connect you with your angels on a much higher level. Angels and Spirit Guides can be our messengers to many of life's difficult questions. We are often faced with everyday obstacles; ‘The Guiding Light Angel Board’ can give you clear guidance about your family, career, health, love or any other issues of importance.”

These boards are used to evoke spirits which is a direct violation of the first commandment and the very scriptural prohibition of the practice of necromancy.

Here's how an angel board practitioner named Jacky Newcomb, who calls herself an afterlife expert, goes about using the board.

First, she makes sure she was physically ready to use the board in order to gain “the highest levels of vibration” – meaning she made sure she wasn’t tired, drunk or on drugs when using the board.

She starts a session by saying a prayer and then evoking whatever spirits she wants to communicate with by saying something like, “ . . . we would like to make contact with our guardian angels and spiritual guides; positive, loving and uplifting messages.”

In addition to lighting a candle to symbolize “bringing in the light”, she also puts a large piece of clear quartz crystal on the tale because “it helps to amplify the loving energy.”

The room where the reading is taking place is often smudged and she makes sure to inform the people accompanying her that in order to protect themselves from "negative energies" they must imagine themselves surrounded by a white light of protection.

“For best results we had between 3-5 people sitting round the board," Newcomb explains. "Each person placed one finger on the glass or pointer. I never used the phrase ...'is anybody there..?' because of course I never wanted to communicate with just anybody! So I always began by using a similar ritual to that described earlier. Then asking if we could speak to our loving guides or guardian angels.”

Once the pointer begins to move, she asks who is communicating. If she doesn’t like the spirit, she “politely” asks it to leave. She would call upon who she believed was the Archangel Michael to escort the spirt away.

Otherwise, participants asked questions and the planchette was used to spell out answers similar to how a ouija board is used.

She goes on to tell people that angel boards are not unsafe if used with care – much like we need to be careful while driving a car.

She then makes the totally erroneous assertion that “YOU are in control at all times – or you should be. If you don’t feel that you are then stop using the board.”

This is so dangerous on so many levels. When a person evokes spirits of the dead, he or she is never in control because they are dealing with preternatural forces. These are powerful beings who are possessed of super-human intelligence, strength and cunning. Only the most naïve would think that they can control summoned spirits merely by “politely” asking them to come or go.

Just because the board is designed to evoke angels doesn’t mean they’re good angels! Remember, God specifically condemns the practice of seeking oracles from the dead (See Deuteronomy 18:10; Leviticus 19:31, 20:6 and 20:27; Isaiah 8:19). He would never contradict Himself by allowing a good angel – who exists solely to do His will – to consort with a medium.

Imagining oneself to be surrounded by a white light of protection is no more capable of protecting a person from Satan than it would be to protect your house from intrusion.

The Archangel Michael does not respond to the requests of mediums to escort away demonic entities that they deliberately evoke! When a person engages in these kinds of activities, they have cut themselves off from God and are on their own.

To equate the need to be careful when consorting with preternatural powers to being careful behind the wheel is like saying a person is in as much danger when confronting an inexperienced teen driver on the road as they are when staring down the barrel of a loaded gun held in the hand of a homicidal maniac.

Needless to say, angel boards should be strictly avoided.