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What Does “Sending Light & Love” Mean?

energy waves 2We’ve had a few questions lately about the meaning of a popular “blessing” used by New Age enthusiasts in which they say to one another “sending you light and love!” It sounds harmless, but is it?

I checked into this and was not too surprised to find that it’s the greeting of choice for the “spiritual” crowd (i.e., New Age). This explains why the definitions I found came exclusively from New Age sites that hawk products such as “The 8-Day Manifesting ECourse” and offer services such as clairvoyant sessions and crystal ball gazing.

For instance, one of the best explanations I found about this peculiar greeting was penned on a website known as Psychic Sophia which claims to be a family-run business in the UK offering clairvoyants, tarot card readers, angel card readers and similar occult arts to the public. There are onlinepsychics who provide all types of psychic readings for free of cost to some extent.

As the site explains, when this blessing is given, it means “we are giving blessings to the other person. We are asking them to open their hearts to the Universe to receive healing and guidance, while also opening their hearts to love and compassion of in the world around them.”

And because we’re all made up of “star stuff” and are “simply elements for the Universe to recognize itself” this means that we are deeply connected to each other “chemically, atomically, biologically and emotionally.”

It goes on to say that we’re all made up of different combinations of light and each color governs our behavior, mood and openness. (Be careful not to mistake this New Age-speak for real science.)

“We have a profound connection to light, and this intricate connection has been noted throughout humanity and is notably observed when discussing our Chakras,” it continues. “We need light, its colors and vibrational frequencies in order to enjoy and accommodate life.”

Without light, we supposedly can’t know ourselves, our true potential or our place within the Universe.

“So by giving blessings of ‘light’ to another, we are helping on their quest to spiritual ascension and balance!” it says.

And without love, the Universe cannot go on. “Without love binding us all together, there can be no light. Love and Light are intricately connected and while they may be separate things, they are symbiotic in their relationship. They help boost and nurture each other.”

This is what they mean when they “send light and love”.

In summary, the saying is derived straight from the heart of the New Age world view that the Universe is an energy force (god) which connects all of us to one another and infuses all of us with divinity.

The good news is that this "blessing" has no power behind it and appears to be a mere statement of belief.