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Graf’s New Age Wellness Services

graf natural wellnessML writes: "My friend is getting treatments and products from a person she says is a doctor. Although when I asked what kind of doctor, my friend did not know. She invited me to buy products for weight loss from Graf. I declined because I had a very bad feeling about it. . . .


" . . .  I was later given a brochure, which mentions: acupressure with magnets or seeds, Reiki sessions, laser with bio-energetics, aura reading with a photograph and full report. Now I believe the Holy Spirit was giving me the bad feeling about it! Are the products bad? Or, just what the so-called doctor practices? Could you tell me why these things mentioned are bad, and why so I can explain to my friend?"

The Louisiana-based Graf Natural Wellness is indeed problematic as their services are steeped in New Age beliefs and have no basis in science. For this reason, it would be wrong for a Catholic to partake of any of these services for treatment of any life-threatening or contagious conditions. We are expected to use “ordinary means” for the treatment of serious conditions for the sake of charity toward ourselves, our loved ones and our community.

In addition to causing oneself serious physical harm by using these untested means for treatment, we are also endangering our souls by exposing ourselves to practices that are associated with the occult. This would include their spiritual guidance services known as “angelic readings” which involve contact with so-called “angels” of God. Angels of God exist solely to serve Him and are not at the bidding of people who invoke them for specious purposes.

They also rely upon New Age beliefs which are founded in the Human Potential Movement by asserting that man is in total control of his destiny and that whatever the mind can conceive, a person can achieve.“Your words, your dreams and your thoughts have the power to create conditions in your life”, they say on this page. They cleverly disguise these programs with Christian language that will easily fool the uncatechized.

As for what’s wrong with some of these practices, acupuncture has no scientific backing and is based upon beliefs based in Traditional Chinese Medicine which are not compatible with Christianity. Although I saw nothing about Reiki on their website, I can't speak to the brochure you are referring to; however, Reiki is an occult-art that was condemned by the U.S. Bishops several years ago. Aura reading is entirely bogus and bio-energetics and the ZYTO scan used by Graf is based on belief in a universal life force energy that science says does not exist and the Church calls “the New Age god.” Graf also touts the use of crystals for healing, a practice that has been thoroughly debunked by science.

The kind of doctors who might offer services such as those you list are likely to be naturopaths or homeopaths, but MD’s, chiropractors, psychologists and even dentists have been known to dabble in this stuff.

You may want to forward this blog to your friend and suggest that she read it along with the articles that are linked in it for a more thorough understanding of why she should avoid Graf products and services.

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