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New Book Teaches Children to Appreciate Abortion

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

An outrageous new e-book teaches children that Boy is reading a magic bookwhen their parent aborts a sibling, it’s for the best, and that these murdered children are “happy ghosts”.

The Blaze reported on the book entitled Sister Apple, Sister Pig, by Mary Wallling Blackburn, an assistant professor of art at Southern Methodist University’s Meadows School of the Arts and founder of The Anhoek School.

The story is about a little boy named Lee who is searching for his sister who might be an apple, a pig, or somewhere in a tree – because she’s been aborted and is now a "happy ghost".

“Lee is Papa and Mama’s only child for now, although there once was a sister,” the book explains.

Where does this sister live now?”

“Well, she used to live in Mama and doesn’t anymore," Lee explains to his father. "She lived before me, but Mama couldn’t keep her. Mama says she is a ghost.”

When his father asks if this makes him scared or mad, the little boy says, “I’m not sad that my sister is a ghost! If you kept my sister, you would be tired, and sad, and mad!”

His father wonders why Lee would think this.

“Because we would be wild and loud and sometimes we would fight. Mama might be scared that she could not buy enough food for us. Mama might not have enough time to read to me, to paint with me, to play with me, to talk with me….”

In other words, aborting his big sister is the way to a better life for all of them - except the sister of course.

In the acknowledgements for this outrageous book, Walling Blackburn, who calls herself an “artist, activist, teacher, writer feminist”, thanks her own “ghost sister” and warns “Masochists, look elsewhere,” because, “between these pages you will not find the ‘luxury of grief, culpability’s sharp sting or salty guilt’.”

If she’s so grief- and guilt-free, why not tell children the facts about abortion rather than just her opinion – such as how it ends the life of one human being in order that the life of another human being might not be inconvenienced? Why not tell children that mama might also be feeling “tired sad and mad” after making baby sister into a “ghost” because 81 percent of women who have abortions suffer from depression afterward?  Perhaps this little boy might need to know that more than half of all women who have abortions do so because they are being pressured or feel they have no other “choice”.

Instead, this brave feminist whose other works of “art” include an “Anti-fertility Garden”, described the book as “playing chicken with the anti-choice people.”

The book might be “playing chicken” but Ms. Walling Blackburn apparently is not. When Blaze reporters called for a comment on the book, she hid under her desk and refused to return the call.

What a surprise.

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