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Kevin Basconi’s Angels

Kevin Basconi Kevin Basconi

MB asks: "I have read Kevin Basconi's three books on angels, called Dancing with Angels and also the seer anointing. I would like to know what you think about them."

Kevin Basconi is an evangelist who claims he was once taken to heaven by Jesus who personally released angels to accompany him in life. One is an angel of provision and protection and the other is an angel of healing and miracles. According to Sid Roth, the popular host of It’s Supernatural, money and miracles are supernaturally released in other people’s lives when Basconi speaks.

For those who have never heard of him, Basconi claims to have been instantaneously healed of 30 years of addiction to drugs and alcohol during a prayer service at his brother’s church. After that experience, supernatural events began to take place in his life such as the smelling of fragrances, appearances of angels, and an audible message from God instructing him to reach out to the lost in his city. He often had visions during prayer and eventually realized that when he acted upon what he saw in these visions, supernatural things would occur.

Most of his ministry and writings are based on these personal revelations – the danger of which cannot be understated. Being an evangelical, there is no central teaching authority upon which Basconi can rely for guidance about his visions such as we have in the Catholic Church. His credibility rests on his own judgment, on the alleged healings that take place at the various congregations where he preaches, and on his own interpretation of the Scripture that he believes supports his various experiences.

As for the seer anointing, this is a special gift that Basconi claims the Lord revealed to him beginning with a vision he had in Tanzania more than a decade ago. His explanation of it is somewhat obscure:

“As the engrafted children of God we have received a supernatural inheritance that was released to us at the instant the Messiah, Jesus Christ, rose form the dead to release resurrection power to each of His people. We can learn to live our lives in this resurrection power. One small part of this Kingdom dynamic is the understanding of how to tap into the seer anointing. You can live with the comprehension of the seer anointing. You can be aware of how easy it is to employ this spiritual gift. This extended teaching and prayer of activation can help you to release your God given seer gift and understand how to use the seer anointing in your everyday life to live in victory and resurrection power.”

It sounds great, but where can I find this in Scripture or Tradition? Why is this the first I have ever heard of such a thing as a “seer anointing”? And where in the bible can we find examples of angels who come to earth to make people rich?

Is the only source of all of these “truths” the visions of Mr. Basconi? Is he really someone who has been specially chosen by God to reveal this heretofore secret to success?

I doubt it.

Because I have not read the books, and am not in a position to judge what the Lord is doing in the soul of Mr. Basconi, I can only say that the very basis of his ministry – on personal revelation to which he attaches his own scriptural interpretation – is dubious at best and definitely outside the realm of Church teaching.

I would not recommend any of his resources.

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