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Journalist Calls for Global One-Child Policy to Combat Global Warming

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist A prominent liberal Canadian journalist has published an op-ed saying human reproduction is the real “inconvenient truth” in the global warming debate and the only way to stop the inevitable destruction of the world is for China’s one-child policy to be imposed around the world. “A planetary law, such as China's one-child policy, is the only way to reverse the disastrous global birthrate currently, which is one million births every four days,” wrote Diane Francis, Editor at Large for Canada’s National Post. “The world's other species, vegetation, resources, oceans, arable land, water supplies and atmosphere are being destroyed and pushed out of existence as a result of humanity's soaring reproduction rate.” She goes on to say: “Ironically, China, despite its dirty coal plants, is the world's leader in terms of fashioning policy to combat environmental degradation, thanks to its one-child-only edict.” Francis, a radical abortion supporter who once described any law preventing a woman from killing her unborn child as an “act of state-sanctioned violence,” claims the only way to solve the problem is by limiting every woman alive today to producing just one child.  If we did this,  the world’s population would drop from 6.5 to 5.5 billion by 2050, and 3.43 billion by 2075, she claims. “This would have immediate positive effects on the world's forests, other species, the oceans, atmospheric quality and living standards,” she believes. “Doing nothing, by contrast, will result in an unsustainable population of nine billion by 2050." While the fix is simple, she says, “the world's leaders don't even have this on their agenda in Copenhagen. Instead there will be photo ops, posturing, optics, blah-blah-blah about climate science and climate fraud, announcements of giant wind farms, then cap-and-trade subsidies.” Francis concludes her article with a warning about powerful opponents. “Leaders of the world's big fundamentalist religions preach in favor of procreation and fiercely oppose birth control,” she says. “For those who balk at the notion that governments should control family sizes, just wait until the growing human population turns twice as much pastureland into desert as is now the case, or when the Amazon is gone, the elephants disappear for good and wars erupt over water, scarce resources and spatial needs.” Don Feder, a free-lance journalist and former media consultant for the documentary films Demographic Winter and Demographic Bom responded to Francis' assertions in an interview with Questioning Francis' proposal to impose a one-child policy, Feder asked: "Did she say how she wants to enforce this, if she wants to enforce it with fines, or imprisonment, or execution, or castration? . . . It's amazing that someone can look at China, with forced abortions, forced sterilizations and female infanticide, and can see that as a model and say 'we need that on a planetary scale.' It's mind boggling." Francis' comments, he said, "expose these neo-Malthusians as the coercive utopians that they are. They actually want to punish people for having large families, and I think they would if they had the means to do so." © All Rights Reserved, Living His Life Abundantly®/Women of Grace®