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The Heretical Palmarian Church

Clemente Dominiquez as "Pope Gregory XVII" Clemente Dominiquez as "Pope Gregory XVII"

AB writes: "I know some people who were members of the Palmarian church which is based in Palmar de Troya in Spain near Seville. They have been excommunicated from it but still uphold its teachings. They have their own pope and they believe that both Pope John Paul 2 and Pope Benedict xv1 were 33rd degree freemasons. They seem to have been brainwashed and will not listen to anyone else's views on the “Roman Church” as they call the Catholic Church.  I welcome any information you may have about this 'church'."

Thank you so much for bringing this heretical "church" to our attention!

As explained by Scott Corrales in his article entitled, "Tale of Two Popes", this church and it's numerous Popes originated in southern Spain on March 30, 1968. This was the date of an alleged Marian apparition at a farm in La Alcaparrosa in Palmar de Troya. (The Church decided against the supernatural nature of these apparitions.)

The apparitions involved four pre-teen girls - Ana Aguilera, Ana García, Rafaela Gordo and Josefa Guzmán - who said they saw Mary while picking flowers one day. The townspeople rushed out to the spot of the miracle where all kinds of bizarre phenomenon began to occur such as a local woman seeming to glow from within, a man running around on his knees at an incredible speed, hosts materializing on people's tongues as well as miraculous healings.

Supposedly, the Virgin began giving apocalyptic messages about the coming of the Antichrist and one of the people chosen to receive these messages was an accountant named Clemente Dominquez.

Dominguez soon became the official seer of El Palmar de Troya, supposedly being blessed with the stigmata from which he shed an astonishing fourteen liters of blood.

In 1972, an estimated 40,000 people converged on the town to witness new apparitions, at which time a wealthy woman bequeathed a large sum of money to Dominiquez for his "good works". He used the money to buy the La Alcaparrosa farm where the apparitions were allegedly occurring.

Not long after this an exiled Vietnamese bishop arrived at La Alcaparrosa who was supposedly told by Mary to ordain a new order of clergy with Clemente as its head. In January, 1976, the bishop ordained him and his affiliates as priests and bishops. This led to the establishment of the Order of the Carmelites of the Holy Visage.

Dominiquez and his followers were soon excommunicated and, shortly thereafter, were arrested for impersonating clergy. This was followed by yet another setback, this one quite tragic. Dominiquez and his bishops were involved in a serious car accident in which Dominiquez lost both of his eyes.

This didn't stop him, however. Upon the death of Pope Paul VI, Dominiquez declared his new Palmarian church to be the true Church and based this declaration upon another alleged message, this one received from Jesus Himself in which He supposedly said that " . . . Only the meek and humble at heart shall acknowledge the true pope: Pope Gregory XVII."

Pope Gregory XVII was, of course, Clemente Dominiquez.

All popes after Pope Paul VI were declared anti-popes by Dominiquez and his followers who immediately got to work building a new cathedral and papal palace in El Palmar. Dominiquez ordained 24 cardinals and established three dioceses in Spain, some in Europe and one in the United States. Funding for all of these endeavors came from "donations made by disgruntled Catholics around the world, who shared his anti-communist, anti-progressive and decidedly right-wing agenda," Corrales reports.

Dominiquez is said to have passed away while having a vision in the midst of the Palmarian Easter Liturgy in March 2005 and was quickly declared a saint.

His successor, Manuael Alonso Corral, succeeded him as Peter II, but he died six years later. He was succeeded by the currently reigning "pontiff" - Sergio Maria - who took the name Gregory XVIII.

At the present time, the Palmarian church claims to have 60 bishops, 70 nuns, and 2,000 followers.

That people have been harmed by participation in this sect is evidenced by witnesses who are posting their testimonies on this website. Included are stories of children who have been shunned by their parents for leaving the Palmarian church, and documentation about the church's so-called infallible doctrine as put forth in "encyclicals" such as the "Treatise on the Mass."

This list of rules and regulations for church members is truly bizarre  and includes strict dress regulations such as the prohibition of trousers, shorts and short-sleeved shirts on women. Blue jeans are banned as well as onesies for female babies. There is to be no swimming, no visiting the beach, watching boxing matches, or listening to popular music. Palmarians are not permitted to attend any non-Palmarian church functions, not even family weddings or funerals.  Palmarians are also prohibited from interacting with anyone who does not comply with their strict dress code, with the exception of workmen.

Needless to say, the faithful should have nothing to do with this bizarre church and its self-anointed clergy.