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Asyra Machines Can't Diagnose Anything

asyraKC writes: "I was just seen by a naturopath at a holistic store and she used the Asyra machine. She told me that this machine was approved by the FDA in detecting illnesses. She said that this machine has been used since the 1970’s and is recognized by licensed doctors in Europe. Is this information correct? Finding many conflicting reports online."

This doctor is badly misinformed. Use of the Asyra machine for anything other than to measure galvanic skin resistance (which is all that was it was approved to do by the FDA) is against the law.

According to this report by Quackwatch, the Asyra System is marketed by Galloway Technologies which does business under the name of GTech. It is a device that generates signals and includes software that is used to interpret these signals.

It received clearance from the FDA in 2003 to be marketed as a device for measuring galvanic skin resistance and was never approved for diagnostic or treatment purposes.

However, GTech's brochures have been known to trumpet this device as being capable of making hormonal and nutritional assessments, of measuring emotional stressors and detecting circulatory and digestive maladies as well as immune disorders. It also claimed the machine can evaluate over 5,000 items such as bacteria, cell salts, toxins, fungi, heavy metals, parasites, etc. - all of which go far beyond what the FDA approved.

The same brochure explained: "The process begins by taking energetic readings and measuring the body’s capacitive reaction. Through the process, customized filters (frequencies) relating to specific issues (such as chemical toxins, allergies, digestion, etc.) are output. If any of these filters creates a disturbance to any energetic component, cellular component, tissue, organ, or system of the body, the negative response will be registered by the patient’s body through the Asyra.

"The system will then automatically load products (remedies) that are useful for restoring homeostasis or balance. It will then quickly scan through these until the patient’s body identifies the product/remedy that will remove the underlying disturbance and allow the patient to obtain an improved level of health. The product/remedy is then placed in the Hold Tank to store your results. The Hold Tank stores both the filter(s) that created an imbalance/disturbance and the products (remedies) that allow the individual’s body to restore homeostasis, balance, or improved health."

As a result, the FDA sent a warning letter to Joseph Galloway in August 2011 and ordered them to stop making these illegal claims.

If this machine was being used for anything other than FDA approved use, you should report this doctor to local local law enforcement and the state attorney general's office for further investigation.