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Satan Loves OK City

ten-commandmentsCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

First it was the beheading of an innocent grandmother in a food distribution center, now it's the crashing of a car into the well-known Ten Commandments monument at the state Capitol by a driver who claims Satan told him to do it. Oklahoma City appears to be having a hard time getting rid of the "guest" they invited into their city during a black mass last month.

According to World Net Daily,  a deranged man walked into the city's federal building, threatened to kill President Barack Obama, spat on his picture, then told workers he had just crashed his car into the Ten Commandments display on the grounds of the Capitol building.

The U.S. Secret Service told a local news outlet, KFOR Television, that Michael Tate Reed Jr., 29, who suffers from bipolar disorder, “admitted to them that he crashed his car into the Ten Commandments monument at the Capitol, then left his damaged car and walked to the federal building.”

He told the agents that Satan told him to urinate on the display, then crash into it.

John Estus, spokesman for the state office of management and enterprise services, told The Oklahoman that the monument was knocked down at about 9 p.m. Thursday, leaving it broken into two pieces.

“We are shocked and saddened that someone would engage in such a hostile and violent act against a passive monument,” said Hiram Sasser, director of Liberty Institute, which on issues pertaining to the Ten Commandments display which a judge recently ruled to be constitutional.

"We are hopeful the ACLU and the American Atheists who have brought two separate lawsuits against the Ten Commandments monument will publicly condemn this senseless act of violence …”

The monument stands in the same place where the Church of Satan wants to erect a statue of Satan sitting on a throne with two adoring children at his feet.

Reed was briefly detained for a mental evaluation, then jailed on multiple felony charges including destruction of state  property and four counts of felony assault and battery which occurred after his incarceration.

I'm sure there are a lot of folks in Oklahoma City these days who are beginning to wonder if the staging of a black mass at the Oklahoma City Civic Center on September 21 might have something to do with this spate of extraordinary evil in their town.

But one thing's for sure - Satan really seems to like this town.

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