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Children of Same-Sex Parents to Speak Out

same sex marriage symbolCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

In an explosive blog posted on The American Thinker, Rivka Edelman, who was raised by same-sex parents, says she and others like her have had enough of being bullied, threatened and publicly maligned by gay activists for telling the truth about the hardships of being raised by homosexual parents and are currently in the process of getting their stories ready for publication.

Describing herself as "product of same-sex parenting," she authored an essay published on Public Discourse in which she describes the horrendous treatment a woman received after going public with her story about how gay activists used her children as "props" to promote the idea that same-sex marriage was just as healthy as heterosexual marriage.

None of this was news to Edelman, a highly educated woman and children's rights advocate who is only too aware of the same-sex marriage charade being marketed to the public as "equal rights". When she published her essay on the woman's tale, she once again became a target of recrimination, the scale of which is truly shocking.

"Since my essay was published, there have been hundreds, maybe thousands of posts calling me a liar or trying to shame, discredit, intimidate and threaten me," she writes. "People I do not know have gone directly after my family and my job. They have posted information, misinformation, accusations, and threats against me."

Just to describe how far these unhinged activists are willing to go to silence the truth, an activist known as Scott Rose sent e-mail blasts to the university where she teaches, describing himself as a human rights activist and an investigative journalist. He also threatened the editor of the site that published her essay with violence.

Edelman goes on to courageously name names, such as Jeremy Hooper, of the infamous Good As You blog, whose posts have inspired activists to dig into Edelman's past to dig up dirt about her and her family. They also published her home address.  Although Hooper claims he has no control over what the commenters on his blog do, under his editorial review Edelman's work information, child's name and family addresses have been freely circulated.

These activists were even more infuriated when she wrote an amicus curiae brief about the perils of same-sex parenting for the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a same-sex marriage case. The court not only accepted her brief, but also allowed briefs from three other children of same-sex parents who want to set the record straight about the damage done to them by these pseudo-marriages.

Edelman and others like her who were raised in dysfunctional same-sex homes have had enough of the bullying and are preparing to publish their stories for all the world to read.

In addition, they are demanding that the radical activists at the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) publicly acknowledge and honor their experience as well as issue apologies in print and on-line for the attacks perpetrated against them.

The good news is that Edelman and others like her have no intention of backing down, regardless of how high a price they will pay for standing strong.

"This cautionary tale should travel far and wide," she writes. "A family threatened, people’s privacy invaded, harassment, threats, bullying, unwanted contact, abusive mischaracterization, incurred financial hardship."

But activists like Hooper and Rose and so many others who bully Americans by publishing the names of supporters of traditional marriage, getting people fired and putting others out of business, need to be publicly shamed for what they're doing.

"These men may have revealed much more about themselves and the movement than they realize and damaged their credibility.  I would not want to be Mr. Hooper or Rose when they realize that nobody will ever trust them again – no, not really, and not ever.  They are like the writer who gets caught plagiarizing or a researcher who fakes results.  There will always be 'that' question in the back of people’s minds," Edelman writes.

"Let’s make a name for these guys – the one they have earned.  Send this on to others."

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