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Can Your Moles Predict Your Future?

woman mole on faceTraditional Chinese Medicine relies on all kinds of "natural" elements to heal, protect and divine, even the moles on your body!

According to this article by the Daily Mail, Simon Wong, author and expert in Chinese astrology for 30 years says mole analysis is used by practitioners of Chinese medicine to "help build patients' mental and physical profiles to aid diagnosis and treatment."

If that sounds a little scary to you, it should! Chinese astrologers actually believe that the position of moles on the face or body give all kinds of insight into our personalities, our future, even our health.

As Wong explains, Chinese astrologers believe changes in the body are caused by emotional or physiological responses to life events which is why reading moles can give valuable clues about "energy channels".

"Chi (energy) is more active in certain parts of the face and body at different times in a person’s life. Its flow can be emphasized or obstructed by the position of a healthy mole."

Of course this superstitious method of diagnosing one's health and/or future depends on "chi" - a nonexistent form of energy.

However, Wong insists that moles can tell us all kinds of things about ourselves, such as:

•    A mole under the eyebrow signals abundant wealth •    Hidden moles are even more significant and special than others "like hidden treasure" •    A mole above the eyebrow like Angelina Jolie represents a steady flow of money in life •    If you have a mole on your cheek it means you're lonely and unable to form a family •    God forbid you should have one next to the crease on your face like Marilyn Monroe because this represents potential accidents •    A mole in a "precarious position" on the nose (whatever that means) spells trouble for your relationships •    If it's on the end of your nose, it represents instability •    Because a mole on the bridge of the nose causes an obstruction in the flow of "chi", this symbolizes entrapment or trouble ahead. •    A mole on your bottom lip means your children will be successful. •    If it's on your neck, because the neck forms a link between head and body and therefore the "spirit" and the "physical", a mole here can obstruct "chi" and spell disappointment. If it's in the center of the neck it represents a wild character

The list goes on and on.

The question it raised in my mind is what happens if you were born with a mole somewhere on your body but had it removed for medical reasons? Does that mean you can change your fortune by removing a mole from an "unlucky" place on the body?

Of course, there is no substantiation for any of this which is why it's nothing more than superstitious folklore.