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Pornography Use Rampant Among Christian Men

pornographyA new national survey of Christian men reveals shocking statistics pertaining to high rates of pornography use and addiction, plus rampant sexual infidelity amongst married Christian men.

According to a new survey which was commissioned by Proven Men Ministries, and conducted by the Barna Group among a nationally representative sample of 388 self-identified Christian adult men, pornography use is rampant among Christian men.

Proven Men Ministries, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping men break free from pornography, released the following statistics from the survey:

The problem of pornography addiction among Christian men between the ages of 18-30 years of age is particularly striking:

•    77% look at pornography at least monthly;

•    36% view pornography at least daily;

•    32% admit being addicted to pornography (and another 12% think they may be).

The statistics for middle-aged Christian men (ages 31-49) are no less disturbing:

•    77% looked at pornography while at work in the past 3 months;

•    64% view pornography at least monthly; and

•    18% admit being addicted to pornography (and another 8% think they may be).

Even married Christian men are falling prey to pornography and extra-marital sexual affairs at alarming rates:

•    55% look at pornography at least monthly; and

•    35% had an extra-marital sexual affair while married.

"These statistics knock the wind right out of you. They also confirm what we already know; that there definitely is a problem with pornography and affairs among Christian men and that they are starving for the church to step forward with solutions," according to Joel Hesch, who sponsored the survey and is the founder of Proven Men Ministries.

"The purpose of the survey was not to point fingers, but to get a better grasp on the scope of the problem in light of ready access to pornography in this Internet era."

Hesch continues: "It's abundantly clear that pornography is one of the biggest unaddressed problems in the church."

porn neonEven more distressing is the fact that these alarming statistics are not limited to those who nominally consider themselves Christian.  Those who identify themselves as born-again Christians have similar struggles with pornography and affairs:

•    95% admit that they have viewed pornography;

•    54% look at pornography at least once a month;

•    44% viewed pornography at work in the last 90 days;

•    31% had a sexual affair while married;

•    25% erase Internet browsing history to conceal pornography use; and

•    18% admit being addicted to pornography (and another 9% think they may be).

What's the solution? Get help!

Christian and Catholic mens' groups have highly effective programs to help men overcome their need to view pornography through the grace and healing of Jesus Christ.

Proven Men offers programs for Christian men to help them to find freedom from pornography or sexual addiction through a biblically-based system.

The Kings Men, run by lay Catholic men, offers help to men by providing retreats, conferences, and weekly formation and accountability meetings at local parishes. In addition, this organization actively seeks out victims of the burgeoning pornography industry through its "No More Porn" tours which are conducted outside adult video shops and nightclubs where literature about the dangers of pornography are provided to patrons., also known as The Serenellians, is an informal internet community of Catholics, both lay people and religious, who are devoted to combating and countering the evils of pornography and sexual addiction. People suffering from pornography addiction, as well as those who love them, can become Serenellians and join in the fight against these evils through prayer, the Sacraments, and the encouragement of others. The group takes its name from Alessandro Serenelli, the man who killed 12 year-old St. Maria Goretti in a fit of lust, but later repented of his sin and became a devout Catholic.

Morality in Media has many resources available as part of their Porn Harms program. This organization fights pornography and sexual exploitation in print, broadcast, motion picture, and internet with various programs, research initiatives, and resources designed to help both victims and the leaders of porn-fighting groups.

Women of Grace offers a variety of resources on this topic. Click here to learn more.

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