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Rotherham Fallout Rocks the UK

Rotherham Council Offices Rotherham Council Offices

In the two weeks since the release of a published report stating that officials in the northern English town of Rotherham had ignored the rape of at least 1,400 children by mostly Pakistani, more officials are stepping down, additional victims are coming forward, death threats are being made to officials defending the children and an uptick in hate crimes against Muslims has ensued.

Breitbart is reporting on the scandal that is gripping the UK over the behavior of police and local authorities in Rotherham who refused to investigate the ongoing rape and trafficking of young white girls by mostly Middle Eastern men for fear of offending someone.

The abuse took place from 1997 to 2012 and may have involved up to 3,000 girls in northern British towns with more victims coming forward since the news broke two weeks ago.

The most egregious fallout to date has been the death threats leveled against Jane Collins, a member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire. Collins has been an outspoken critic of the Rotherham council for its negligence in the ongoing child abuse scandal, accusing them of turning a blind eye to the grooming and trafficking of young girls as sex slaves for no better reason than political correctness.

MP Jane Collins MP Jane Collins

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart London, Ms. Collins said last month: "The people of Yorkshire are rightly appalled to hear their Police and Crime Commissioner was so instrumental in covering up abuse of children in Rotherham. He should resign immediately because people like him have no place holding public office in a civilized society."

Not long after these comments, Collins told the Daily Star that she began to receive a flood of warnings to stay away from Rotherham as well as threats against her life. Some were vile enough to lead local police to install a panic button in her home and to consider the installation of a "safe room" to keep her protected.

Instead of silencing her, Collins has spoken out all the more, appearing on the BBC's Sunday Politics program in which she said the UK's Labor party should rename itself the ‘PPP – The Pedophile Protection Party’.

She explained: “I am sick to death of Labor pretending to care about the plight of abused kids in this country and particularly in Rotherham, when all the evidence suggests otherwise. Just look at what has come to light this year.

"Labor's Deputy Leader Harriet Harman and Labor grandee Patricia Hewitt were heavily linked with the Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE), a group that wanted to drop the age of consent to 10, so they could carry out their sick attacks legally. This is also a group that campaigned for pedophile rights. What rights should a pedophile have over a defenseless child?”

Collins does not intend to back down, regardless of the threats. "The more we reveal, and the more we push, the nastier it’s going to get," she said.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail is reporting that more details have emerged about a controversial ex-councilor at Rotherham named Jahangir Akhtar who stepped down after being accused of covering up for a violent adult offender named Arshid Hussain.

Hussain was named by 18 girls as being their "boyfriend".  Although Akhtar has denied these allegations, Hussain was caught red-handed with a young girl named "Jessica" who he met when she was just 14 years-old. The two began having sex, which resulted in two pregnancies for Jessica. Local social services claimed they had no power to stop the married Hussain from having sex with her. Despite the fact that more than a dozen girls claimed he was their "boyfriend" over a 14 year period, he was not investigated as a possible child sex offender until 2013.

Jessica, who is now suing Hussain, says police actually caught the two in bed. They found an offensive weapon in the room and arrested Jessica, but let Hussain go.

The Rotherham Advertiser is reporting that Rotherham's chief constable, David Crompton, says 25 new victims have come forward since news broke of the scandal two weeks ago.

They also report that Rotherham Council leader Paul Lakin plans to dissolve the council's cabinet and reduce it by two posts to help free up £120,000 for a counseling fund for victims.

The Advertiser is also reporting that key reports referred to by Professor Alexis Jay in the original report about the crimes are missing from the Rotherham Council's archives.

Thus far, there have been numerous resignations from the Rotherham Council and police department, including Martin Kimber, chief executive of the Council, and Tracey Cheetham, deputy police commissioner who stepped down in protest after his boss, Shaun Wright, refused to do so. Former police chief constable Med Hughes is being accused of "gross incompetence at the very least" after claiming he didn't know about the problem.

Fingers are also pointing all the way to the top with Collins accusing Rotherham Labor MP John Healy, whose constituents include many of the victims, of having opposed calls for investigating child abuse allegations in the town because he didn't think it would help victims or families.

"You couldn’t make up a nightmare like this," Collins said at the end of her interview with the BBC. " Labor should simply rename itself the PPP – Pedophile Protection Party. I hope you all hang your heads in shame at the lives you continue to help ruin."

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