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Is Reiki Music Okay?

reiki 2SM writes: "Many years ago before I knew what Reiki is about I bought a CD of "new age" relaxation music. I bought it on the strength of the sample one could listen to in the store, but the CD was marketed as being good for background music during Reiki massage. It was clearly created with the intention of being used during Reiki, given the packaging and liner notes.  Do you recommend that I get rid of it?"

Yes, I would discard the CD.

For those who have never heard of it, Reiki music is a soft and relaxing kind of instrumental music that is frequently used in Reiki sessions to mask ambient noise and assist a person to enter into a meditative or trance state.

As this practitioner explains, this music is part of the "tools" of Reiki and has two main purposes: 1) to help relax the person and still their mind; 2) to "help attune oneself with the various energies that need to be used to help the receiver."

"Reiki music is designed to be at one with the universe," he explains, "to follow its ebb and flow in such a way as to enhance it within human ears and cause us to slowly recede into a state of attunement and relaxation."

This is nothing to scoff at. Music has a powerful effect on us, as is documented in this article appearing in the Oxford Journal.

"One of the most dramatic effects of music's power is the induction of trance states, which have been described by ethnomusicologists in nearly every culture."

It can have a powerful emotion effect upon us. For some, it can even have too powerful an effect, such as in the case of Leo Tolstoy who was said to be deeply ambivalent about music. " . . .(I)t had, he felt, a power to induce in him ‘fictitious’ states of mind, emotions and images that were not his own, and not under his control," the Journal reports.

Considering the fact that Reiki masters often produce this music - and these are practitioners who work in consort with "spirit guides" (demonic entities) - you have a quite dangerous combination of potentially mind-altering music created by people who deliberately invoke demons.

No, I would not keep this CD and would destroy it.