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Public Outrage Causes Cancellation of Sexy Schoolgirl Race

sexy schoolgirl raceAn outcry from the local community caused organizers of the Sexy Schoolgirl 5K race to cancel the unseemly event which was scheduled to take place August 9 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the race encourages young women to dress like sexy schoolgirls for the themed race in order to show off their "inner school girl or nerdy sides."

Guys are also encouraged to attend the raunchy race. "If you always desired to dress as a school girl, well, here’s your chance!" the site says. "We don’t discriminate."

Advertising for the event included posters of scantily dressed women above captions that read: "I don't sweat, I sparkle" and "Friends don't let friends run sexy alone."

The crass concept ignited a fury within the community and caused race organizers to cancel the Raleigh race. The group claims a "lack of early signups and inadequate organization" were also to blame.

Former Raleigh police captain Paula O'Neal criticized the race to town council of the City of Raleigh, the same body that approved the event.

"I question the message that is being sent and endorsed by the City of Raleigh due to the increasing problem of rape and violence against girls in the schools and on college campuses," O'Neil told The News & Observer.

Even one of the group's sponsors is bailing out.

According to the Mail, the MATHCOUNTS Foundation, which offers mathematics programs for middle schoolers, got second thoughts after seeing some of the promotion material for the race and told organizers they no longer want to be associated with it. They asked to have their name removed from all marketing materials and will not accept any donations made as a result of proceeds from the race.

Bonner Gaylord, a member of the Raleigh city council, commended the race's cancellation on Twitter.

"Congratulations #Raleigh... We are officially NOT having a Sexy Schoolgirl 5k," he wrote.

Sexy Schoolgirl races are planned for Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Tampa Bay, Florida.

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