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Ama Deus® Healing is Sourced in Occult

Alberto Aquas Alberto Aquas

BB writes: "A friend has brought to my attention a healing/praying modality called Ama-Deus, this is, I believe, the fruit of Alberto Aguas. Are you familiar with this and is it compatible with Catholic Church teaching?"

Great question!

No, this healing technique is not compatible with Church teaching as it sourced in shamanism with is an occult-art.

For those who have never heard of it, Ama-Deus® is the new name for a healing "energy" source that is allegedly used by the Guarani Indians of the Amazon in South America.

According to the Reiki Manual, Ama Deus is described as an energy-based shamanic healing system that relies on God's love along with a series of ancient symbols, similar in some ways to Reiki, as a means of transmitting this energy through a kind of "channel" that is created between man and the Divinity. This “channel” is activated by repeating a mantra, specific breathing techniques and visualization practices.

Much like Reiki, there are levels of practice in this healing art. In the first level, initiates are given "sacred symbols" which empower them to assist the dying, "release an entity from yourself, your space or someone else" and request that the "curtain between you and your [spirit] guide be opened" in order to receive specific information.

In the second level, initiates receive additional symbols that enable them to heal addictions of any kind, heal animals, "access information through your dreams", "heal the earth" and "see things from a higher spiritual truth."

Apparently, the Guarani people passed this healing energy on to a Brazilian healer named Alberto Aguas. After studying with the Guarani for eight years, Aguas dubbed this healing energy Ama Deus, which is Latin for God Loves. With the blessing of the Guarani people, Aguas began teaching the technique to others, one of whom was Elizabeth Cosmos who was "initiated into the knowledge of Ama Deus" by Aguas in 1989. Cosmos has since been sharing this knowledge with others throughout North and South America.

The problem with Ama Deus is that it comes from shamanism which is based on animism, a belief that all created things have a soul and consciousness.  Mountains, woods, forests, rivers, and lakes are perceived to possess spirits and to be living, thinking impassioned beings like man. Animists believe the world is pervaded by these spiritual forces that hover about man at all times and are the cause of his mishaps, pains and losses.

A shaman, also known as a medicine man or “witch doctor”, calls upon various spirits to help man contend with the ills of life. The shaman personally interacts with these spirits and depends on them for guidance. They are masters of the art of divination and are believed to possess secret knowledge as well as the power of employing the souls of the dead.

As you can readily see, these are occult beliefs and the powers being called upon are demonic in origin.

Being sourced in shamanism, the practice of Ama Deus is therefore highly dangerous for both the practitioner and the recipient and should be strictly avoided by all, whether or not they are Christian.