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Church Condemns Messages of Maria Divine Mercy

Maria Divine MercyThe alleged prophecies of a popular seer who calls herself "Maria Divine Mercy" have been formally condemned by the Archdiocese of Dublin where the anonymous woman reportedly lives.

According to a statement published by the Archdiocese, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is asking the faithful not to promote the messages of Maria Divine Mercy or make use of them within any Catholic Church associations.

" . . . (T)hese messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology," the statement reads.

The identity of Maria Divine Mercy remains unknown as she claims Jesus asked her not to reveal herself in order to protect her family and avoid distraction from the messages. She uses the term “Divine Mercy” in her name because the Warning that she is predicting is an act of Divine intervention by God that is meant to save the world.

According to her website, she has been receiving messages since November 2010 and has amassed an extensive following, including hundreds of priests. Thus far, her messages, which total more than 2,000, have been translated into 38 languages.

Unfortunately, there are several problems with this seer, such as her claims that Pope Benedict XVI is the last pope and that he will be forced from office and replaced by an imposter.

She also claims that Jesus told her she is the seventh messenger, or seventh angel, sent to reveal to the world the contents of the Seals in the Book of Revelation which can only be opened by Jesus Christ. As He opens the seals, she is to publish the contents.

Another red flag is that both Maria and her spiritual director are operating anonymously, which puts them beyond the realm of the same kind of criticism and persecution other authentic visionaries have had to endure in the past in order to prove themselves.

“After all the prophets and visionaries of history who operated with people knowing their identities, with them and their families facing the consequences of delivering God’s message, God wants ‘the end time prophet’ to operate safely and anonymously from the comfort of her living room, using an Internet connection to maintain her privacy?”  asks Catholic Answers apologist Jimmy Akin during an interview with the National Catholic Register.

He believes Maria Divine Mercy “is an anonymous, unapproved seer whose prophecies contain material that is both demonstrably false and contrary to Catholic teaching regarding the future.”

Akin also cautions Catholics who are adhering to her prophecies that this could result in the grave sin and canonical crime of schism if one were to regard Pope Francis as a false pope and cease to obey him because of these messages.

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