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Stay Away from the Real Reiki®

reiki treatmentSP asks: "Is energetic radiance technique new age?"

It's worse than New Age - it's occult-based and should be strictly avoided.

Known as The Radiance Technique or TRT, it is supposedly the only authentic form of Reiki which was handed down from a Japanese monk named Mikao Usi to Dr. Jujiro Hyashi and then to Mrs. Hawayo Takata. Mrs. Takata brought Reiki to Hawaii where she held these secrets to herself for 40 years. It was not until the last years of her life that she decided to give the secrets of authentic Reiki to Dr. Barbara Ray, who is now known as the Holder of the Intact Master Keys of all the Seven Degrees of TRT.

Apparently, the commonly known forms of Reiki so prevalent today are not the real thing.

"When you receive the intact Attunements, Transcendental energy within you is activated and when you use this technique, you are bringing this 'Reiki factor' into your daily life at any time - in any place. 'The Reiki Factor' is Universal, Radiant Light energy which is inherently harmless, benevolent and always spirals in the direction of wholing/healing on all planes of Being responding to the unique, inner needs of each individual," Dr. Ray writes.

She claims her version of Reiki is a "carefully preserved and intact Cosmic science which has the vibration of Pure Light – Pure Spirit – the Whole of Existence – the SOURCE of everything."

It is vastly different from what is being marketed today as Reiki which she calls an "extensive fragmentation, misrepresentation, confusion in thinking and lack of correct information and knowledge" which has resulted in a polluted version of the original "science".

"Individuals who do not have access to the whole system and who do not even have knowledge of the correct Attunement Processes have been randomly 'making teachers and so-called reiki masters'," she laments. "Using parts disconnected from the whole, intact system and inventing formulas and methods which were never related to the correct process of activating and accessing Universal energy within this system is a misguided, unfounded, irresponsible practice having no relation or connection whatever to the system rediscovered by Dr. Usui, no matter what it is called."

These incorrect attunement processes, which is where  a person is initiated into the occult, are causing a lot of problems among the Masters themselves. According to this site, some are experiencing symptoms of being drained after giving treatments, depression, inability to focus, sleep disorders and other maladies. These distressed practitioners believe their symptoms are due to being misaligned in the wrong Reiki system and appear to have no clue that these are classic symptoms of demonic oppression.

This oppression is the result of direct involvement in the occult, which occurs during the various stages of initiation/attunement into Reiki.

According to James Deacon, TRT has seven degrees/attunements rather than the three degrees associated with the more commonly used Reiki.

The first degree is said "to activate and expand the student's 'Radiant Power';" the second degree increases and deepens the student's "inner plane" or psychic abilities; and the third degree is said to bring a dynamic "increased Radiant Power". Once reaching the third degree, a student can initiate students to the first and second degree; when the student reaches the fourth degree, they can initiate students up to the third degree; and so on until they reach the seventh degree in which they can initiate all students.

It is during these initiations that students receive their "spirit guides", which are demonic entities that they believe to be benevolent spirits. This practitioner, name Kalie Noelle, claims that during her studies in the second degree, students "opened to received contact with their Spirit Guides and intuition more so than ever before."

Noelle has her own practice now and says she can hear the voices of her guides and see the pictures and feelings they impart to her. These guides/angels are also responsible for healing her clients, she says.

I could go on and on, but I think this is enough information to show the dangers of being involved with either this practice or the people who are performing these "services". They are in direct contact with evil entities who are only too capable of pretending to heal, soothe, or do whatever is necessary to gain entrance into your life.

As Pope Paul VI said in that famous 1972 talk in which he was internationally villified, the devil is an "evil and cunning charmer who knows how to infiltrate everyone’s individual psychology. He finds the open door and comes in: through our senses, our imagination and our concupiscence.”

No matter what might be ailing you, nothing could be worse for you than the Radiance Technique which will only add the worst of all maladies - spiritual darkness - to your other miseries!

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