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Understanding the Legend of Chima

chimaJA asks: "Is anyone familiar with LEGO newer sets the Legend of Chima?  My 13 year was asking for them for Christmas, but said he thought I should 'look into' them because a fellow student at YEAH Academy told him that they were promoting another religion and that their family didn't have them. I couldn't find much, other then there is something called "Chi" much like the "Force" in Star Wars which he has tons of already. . . 

I would recommend that parents use their own discretion when considering introducing their child to the so-called Legend of Chima toys and cartoon series. As JA warns, the game is very much based on the existence of chi - which is an alleged life-force energy that is part of the eastern world view and pantheistic belief systems. The LEGO story presents it as a kind of condensation of nature's raw energy which flows through the waters of Mount Cavora and is the source of the land's life. It is carried by the Cavora River to the Sacred Pool of Chi which is contained in the territory of the lions, one of at least 12 tribes of warring anamorphic creatures that are part of the Chima story. These include lions, bears, foxes, beavers, gorillas, skunks, ravens, wolves, crocodiles, peacocks and rhinos.

"The story centers on a community of animals at war, so expect a fair amount of conflict and peril, but the fact that the characters are animated LEGOs greatly lessens the impact of this content," writes a reviewer for, about the cartoon series. "Issues like prejudice, emotional manipulation, and traitorism are explored on an age-appropriate level, and the messages that emerge laud honesty, forgiveness, and selflessness."

My only concern is that children may not be able to distinguish between the fictitious chi in this toy and the "chi" which is prevalent in so many New Age healing modalities. These practices range from acupuncture, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch to producing jewelry and other objects such as Power Balance Bands and holographic chips that purportedly manipulate chi in one way or another.

{You might want to read this blog which explains that the existence of chi is not scientifically supported.)

However, a good explanation can spare your child from wasting their hard-earned dollars on this nonsense later on in life and allow them to enjoy a very creative story that can teach them many valuable life lessons.

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