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Pam Grout: Repackaging the Law of Attraction

esquaredTD writes: "I am concerned because someone I know has recommended this book [by Pam Grout entitled E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality] to me and even the image on the cover scares me.  Have you heard of this woman?"

TD, you have excellent spiritual instincts! Pam Grout's book is about as New Age as it gets. Her energy experiments are all based on the old Law of Attraction concept which posits that a person can create their own reality just by thinking it into existence.

Grout's New Age belief-system is completely conspicuous on her website where she shares these words of "wisdom": "We, the greatest of all creators, with capabilities to build cities and inspire  nations, are squandering our time watching reruns of I Love Lucy. We have forgotten that whole galaxies exist within our grasp."

A freelance writer hailing from Lawrence, Kansas, Grout's latest book, E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality, was the subject of an interview conducted by, the nation's premier New Age publisher.

During the interview, Grout says: "Whatever we focus upon in life expands. This is an unalterable truth. But instead of focusing on what we want out of life, we exhaust ourselves thinking of what’s wrong. It’s a bad habit that sorely needs to be changed. Once we begin aligning with the Truth of the world’s love and largesse, blessings begin pouring in."

This "Truth" that she's talking about is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but some vague concept invented by the purveyors of the New Age Human Potential Movement that we're all in control of our destiny and can make anything happen through the power of our mind. Proponents of this unwritten "law" of attraction believe that nothing happens by accident and that we attract whatever comes our way because of the way we think.

Of course, mere common sense is enough to debunk the law of attraction. If our thoughts could control our destiny, why would anyone ever die? If thoughts could control reality, then why can't we think away storms or traffic accidents? For that matter, how could the Titanic have sunk if everyone on board thought it was "unsinkable"?

The "Truth" is that the Law of Attraction is nothing but a bunch of hooey concocted in such a way that it appeals to the average person who is seeking to improve his or her life. It makes them buy the books and DVDs and attend the workshops and conferences. And, in too many cases, it gets people hooked on a truly godless way of thinking where there is no need of a loving Redeemer and His plan for our lives. We serve only ourselves and are held hostage to our every whim and desire, unsatisfied until each and every one is fulfilled.

No thanks. I'd rather live in the peace of Christ and let my omnipotent God get rid of all the obstacles in the way of His plan for me!