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Heroic Youth Defend Argentinian Cathedral

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

A group of 1500 young Catholic men are being hailed as heroes today after they formed a human shield around the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista in Argentina from 7,000 lesbian, feminist and pro-abortion protesters who were attempting to storm the church.

According to Deacon Nick Donnelly's blog, Protect the Pope, the 1500 youth surrounded the cathedral last week during a rally comprised of pro-abortion and homosexual extremists in San Juan de Cuyo, Argentina which took place on November 24. The rally was held during the National Women's Encounter which is attended every year by feminists and those who support "women's rights."

In the recent past, these rallies have frequently degenerated into violent attacks on Catholic institutions and churches, and seemed destined to do so again when the youth decided to surround the building and use their bodies as shields while praying the rosary.

The protestors were enraged by the young men and spat at them, mocked them, splattered them with paint and committed sex acts in front of them; however, the men refused to budge and continuously prayed the rosary.

LifeSiteNews reports that some of the protestors were topless and thrust their breasts into the faces of the young men. Others spray painted swastikas on the men or used markers to draw Hitler-like mustaches on their faces.

Reports also say the protestors were writing slogans such as "Burn the Churches Down" and "Set Fire to the Churches" on church walls while the young men continued to pray and stand firm.

According to a report appearing on the Catholicism Pure and Simple blog, some of the youth who defended the cathedral said they had the impression that "it was a 'satanic attack' with 'demonic figures' being seen as part of an 'anti-Christian world revolution.'  In one place the extremists lit a big fire and burned an effigy of Pope Francis as they danced around the fire."

All the while, the men refused to retaliate and continuously prayed the rosary.

During the attack, more than 700 people were inside the cathedral praying alongside Bishop Alfonso Delgrado.

The heroic stance of the young men provoked comment from around the world.

"I was moved by this video of young men protecting the Cathedral of San Juan in Argentina," writes Fr. Tom Finigan whose writings often appear in the UK's Catholic Herald. "Pro-abortionists provoke them with various insults and physical assualts, including lesbian displays. There is no response except the recitation of the Rosary. The abuse and intimidation that these good men put up with is diabolical…"

Several of the sites listed above contain a video of the stand-off, but the images are highly offensive and contain graphic nudity.

This kind of violent and demonic behavior from pro-abortion activists is not just occurring in other countries. During the debate over a law banning abortion after 20 weeks which took place in Texas this past year, pro-abortion protestors chanted "Hail Satan!" while police confiscated jars of urine and feces that they intended to throw at those supporting the pro life measure.

Similar behavior from extremists supporting homosexuality, which range from displays of public indecency to outright death threats against anyone who opposes their agenda, has become almost commonplace.

Sadly, intelligent discourse on the subjects of abortion and homosexuality is giving way to the use of violence and hatred as a means of bludgeoning people into submitting to lifestyle choices many consider to be immoral.

This is tyranny, plain and simple, and there should be no place for this kind of behavior in a free society!


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