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Duck Dynasty Preaches God, Life, Family . . . Ducks

Duck DynastyA record number of viewers tuned in to watch the fourth season premier of Duck Dynasty, a politically incorrect hit reality show that preaches faith, good morals, and family values. is reporting that the A&E reality show focuses on the lives of the Robertson family who run a business that makes products for duck hunters. Instead of glamorizing adulterous housewives and the antics of drunken youth at the Jersey Shore, Duck Dynasty features a refreshing line-up of solid characters and healthy American living.

To everyone's surprise, it's a smash hit. The premier of its fourth season garnered 11.8 million viewers, making it the most watched non-fiction series telecast in cable history.

“Thanks to its authentic and engaging characters Duck Dynasty has become more than just a reality show, it is a cultural phenomenon,” said David McKillop, Executive Vice President of A&E told Inside T.V. “We would like to thank the Robertsons for their incredible partnership. We are all Happy, Happy, Happy.”

Even better news is that the Robertsons practice what they preach off the air as well. For instance, the Abstinence Clearinghouse recently posted a video of Jase and Missy, the son and daughter-in-law of family patriarch, Phil Robertson. He told the interviewer that he and his wife chose to wait until marriage to have sex.

"We were both virgins when we got married until our wedding night," Jase said. "We decided to do it God’s way and basically had a godly agreement that we would help each other get to heaven.”

The Robertsons have also taken on the subject of abortion. Family patriarch Phil Robertson was a child of the 60's who was steeped in the "drugs, sex and rock'n roll" culture of the day until he converted to Christianity and turned his life around.

“You can only run sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll so far," he said while speaking at a benefit for the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center in Dallas, TX. "The bottom line is what came out of that movement is what you’re now witnessing. They had little innocent names; they called us ‘hippies’ and ‘flower children.’ That movement lured 60 million babies out of their mothers’ wombs. What came out of that are universities that take our children and warp their minds – the ungodliness is literally rampant. All of the diseases that go with immorality, all of that stuff came out of my generation.”

In addition to Phil's strong support of the pro-life movement, his son Willie is an adoptive parent who has been a strong advocate for adoptive parenting.

"The Robertsons made their fortune by creating great duck hunting products," writes Christina Martin for LiveAction. "They’re using their fame to stand for life, promote adoption awareness and boldly share the benefits of abstinence. I’m grateful for this family and I pray they’ll continue to be a positive influence in our world."

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