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Another Psychic Busted - When Will We Learn?

A psychic who told clients she was carrying out "God's Work" has been arrested for allegedly conning more than $800,000 from a woman who thought her family was possessed.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Peaches T. Miller, 33, of Florida allegedly convinced a female client from California that her family was plagued by evil spirits and that people wanted to kill her. Miller allegedly used this fabricated story to bilk the woman of more than $800,000 over a nine year period.

The arrest warrant states that the victim handed over the money so Miller could buy items such as mirrors and tabernacles to ward off the evil spirits.

Miller, who also uses the name Shanna Young, was arrested at her home in Pompano Beach, Florida, after being charged with grand theft and extortion of property.

Bob Nygaard, a Boca Raton-based private investigator, said Miller advertised herself as a psychic and spiritual healer.

''Peaches T. Miller' claimed to be doing 'God's Work' and she conned the victim into believing that she was the only one who could protect the victim and her family from harm," said Bob Nygaard, a  private investigator based in Boca Raton, Florida.

Miller is said to have reassured the victim that all of her money would be returned - a promise that was never kept.

The case is being investigated by the Santa Clara District Attorney's Office in California.

Miller is known to operate her alleged fortune telling business in Florida, California and New York.

She is currently being held at the Paul Rein Detention Facility in Broward County, Florida.

I'm always interested in stories about psychics because there was a time in my life when I believed in them wholeheartedly. I used to go to one in particular because she always told me what I wanted to hear. (And in my conversion story, you'll read about how this gal actually set me up with her nephew - which was yet another disaster in my life.) Thank God I can't remember how much money I spent on her over the years because it would only make me feel worse.

This is also the reason why I've done extra research into psychics that you can find in this booklet in my Learn to Discern series. They really are hucksters! Stay away!