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Famed Exorcist Gives Realistic Description of Satan

During an interview last week with a Colombian newspaper, Spanish exorcist Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea Cucurull spoke about the reality of the devil and warned anyone involved in any form of spiritism, witchcraft or Satanismthat that they are in danger of possession. The Catholic News Agency is reporting on the interview, which took place with the newspaper El Tiempo, in which Fr. Fortea said that although he has never seen a physical manifestation of a devil, he knows they exist and has felt the presence of evil. “On a certain number of occasions, alone at my house or other places, I have felt an evil presence.” He said. “I would be lying if I did not acknowledge that I felt that evil presence in an intense and powerful way.” During one of these occasions, his cat quickly ran behind the curtains and was staring at a particular spot in the room. “It is not normal for a cat to hide, tremble and stare at a particular point,” he added. Even though our culture tends to trivialize Satan by presenting him as some harmless little creature with horns and a tail (think Dirt Devil), this is not the reality. “The devil does not have a body, a color, or a visual form, nor does he have horns, wings or a tail," Father said. "He is an invisible, bodiless entity.”  “Although we tend to speak of the demon, in reality there are many demons, each one is different, but there is one who is head over all the demons, the most powerful one: Satan,” he said. Fr. Fortea also warned that “anyone who resorts to spiritism, witchcraft, or worse yet, Satanism, is in danger of being possessed. That is the general norm, but there are cases that have no explanation, even if someone has not engaged in these practices.” He added: “When someone possessed receives an exorcism, it takes a reasonable amount of time for him or her to be liberated. A number of sessions are required. The devil resists because he knows he is condemned to leave.” When asked if he experienced any special harrassment from the devil because he was an exorcist, he said he does not feel "especially harrassed." But, he added, "reason does tell me that since he exists, the devil does have outstanding issues with me.” In case you missed this post, click here for some more facts about Satan to help you in your battles against evil. Send your New Age question to