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Cathletix: Catholic Exercise Program is Heaven on Earth!

SL writes: "Do you have any information on the workout program called Cathletix? I don’t want anything having connections to yoga or Pilates or anything New Age. Are you aware of this program? Is it New Age? I appreciate any information you can offer . . ."

CathletixI am happy to report that this is a fabulous exercise program that promotes strength through stretching.

"Cathletix is similar to yoga and pilates in the physical benefits it provides, however it does not have the unwanted influence of Hindu god poses or shaky spirituality," Roxanna Rubinic, Director of Marketing for Cathletix, told me.

Instead, as the website describes :

”Cathletix is a unique fitness routine that combines a series of strengthening stretches with recitation of the Rosary in Latin.  Work out all of the core muscle groups with our highly-qualified instructor leading you all the way.  Improve your flexibility, balance, and stamina.  For those individuals with physical limitations, adaptations are provided.”

Led by professional instructors, the routine offers a blissful series of stretches in a room decorated with a portrait of the Sacred Heart and of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Even more delightful is the occasional view of a tabernacle as the heavenly voices of the Children of Mary Religious Community chant the rosary in Latin in the background.

This combination turns the whole routine into one long prayer of both body and heart.

The video was filmed and edited by homeschoolers from Our Lady's Mantle homeschool group in Columbus, Ohio and is dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Unborn.

Technical consultation was provided by Life Balance Physical Therapy out of Galloway, Ohio which is a legitimate physical therapy clinic that offers no New Age "energy" massage but only scientifically sound orthopedic and sports medicine care.

As for the Children of Mary, this is a new religious order started by Sr. Margaret Mary, a native of Sidney, Ohio who initially wanted to become a canonical hermitess when Columbus Bishop James A. Griffin suggested she spend a year living in community before taking the next step.

She did, and quickly discerned that what God wanted from her was not to live as a hermitess, but to found a new religious order - the Children of Mary. She is now one of five sisters in the order with several more sisters in discernment. You can read more about her here.

The bottom line is that for those of you who want the benefits of yoga and pilates but without the yoga and pilates, this is it!