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Panache Desai: More New Age Hype

RL writes: "My sister is involved with a group of Catholic women who pray together. Recently, one of the more elderly women who often 'leads' the group told the women to watch a clip of Oprah who interviewed Panache Desai 'Change Your Energy, Change Your Life.' My sister felt very uncomfortable and has asked for my comments.  I turn to you for the best explanation of this speaker."

This man and his teachings are the epitome of the New Age Human Potential Movement - a movement that glorifies the Self, elevating the person to god-like levels.

For instance, in Desai's "I Am Experience" Conference he claims that in just one weekend "you CAN completely shift your vibration and frequency and break free of self-imposed limitations, release yourself from suffering, shatter self-defeating beliefs, and dissipate the heaviness that keeps you from living the life of your dreams. Each time you declare 'I AM' you powerfully call forth the limitless potential of the universe to deliver back to you the qualities you energetically own. Will you continue to live in lack and limitation; hardship and hostility; self- flagellation and self-loathing or will you declare your INFINITE AWAKENED MASTERY and become a clear channel for your highest potential?"

My first question is what is this "vibration" and "frequency" that he's talking about? And why has no one else discovered it except for New Age "teachers" who use it to convince people that there's some sort of unseen power in the universe that they can tap into at any given time (provided they have the right "teacher" of course and are willing to pay the price) and realize their full potential as human beings?

There is absolutely no scientific proof of the existence of this "energy" or "vibration" that he's talking about and to suggest that one needs to tap into in order achieve their true potential smacks of old-fashioned gnosticism, a heresy that has been the bane of the church since its very beginning. Gnostics believe (among other things) that salvation can be achieved through some kind of special knowledge rather than through Christ.

This is even more obvious in another offering he makes to help people find their "Soul Signature."

"In every given moment you are experiencing your Divinity – your Soul Signature – and because you are drawn to this material you are ready to receive it," he writes.

Desai claims that all of his programs "are powerful vibrational tools" that are designed to be watched or listened to over and over again because "the frequency encoded in these recordings deliver an energetic expansion that serves to dissipate the vibrational heaviness or density that keeps you plateaued in any area of life or weighted down or distressed by situations and circumstances that don’t reflect your limitless potential." Say what?

"As you become immersed in these programs, you'll begin to notice one of two things; deeply trapped emotions, feelings and memories will begin to arise releasing emotions – an internal signal that your energetic system is beginning to detox from all that you’ve kept stuffed or trapped or you will begin to elevate into the glory and grace of your Divine birthright… presence, spaciousness, grace and peace."

Shame on Oprah for pushing this kind of tripe onto an unsuspecting public!  A fifth grader could read some of Desai's claims and know they consist of utter nonsense.

My advice to this dear lady who is so impressed with Desai's hot air is to keep their pocket books closed and don't waste any money on these materials. The Bible may not be as hip or as trendy as these New Age prophets and their nicely packaged resources but no one can argue with the fact that it's been the source of healing, strength and motivation for billions of people through the ages.

But I can certainly understand why people reach for all these glittery new ideas. I did it myself years ago and, as my conversion story explains, it was one of these New Age-style resources that actually led me back to the Bible I abandoned! Thanks be to God!