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Assistant Describes Life Inside House-of-Horrors Abortion Clinic

A medical assistant who worked at an abortion clinic in West Philadelphia described as a "house of horrors" by investigators sobbed as she talked about the killing of infants born alive during sub-standard procedures.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Adrienne Moton, 35, testified at the capital murder trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, owner of the Womens Medical Center, which began this week in Philadelphia. Moton's testimony is part of a guilty plea to third-degree murder charges for her role in killing infants born alive after late-term abortions.

Moton, who is the first of several employees who will testify against Gosnell at the trial, burst into tears while talking about the time she took a cell phone picture of a 30 week-old baby boy who was born alive at the clinic.

"The aunt felt it was just best for her [the mother's] future," Moton testified.

After the baby was killed, Gosnell callously joked that he was big enough to walk to the bus stop.

Moton went on to describe how she met Gosnell years ago through his neice who was a school friend of hers. Because of problems at home, Moton eventually moved in with Gosnell and his third wife.

Gosnell terminated two of her own pregnancies, then allowed her to begin volunteering at the clinic sterilizing instruments. Even though she had no medical training, he taught her how to administer anesthesia, assist in abortions, and eventually to "snip" the spinal cords of fetuses born alive.

When asked by Assistant District Attorney Edward Cameron how many babies she killed in this way, she said, "I could remember a good 10 times that I did it."

She also confessed to killing a baby that was delivered in a toilet by cutting its neck with a scissors. When asked if she knew she was doing something wrong, she responded, "At first, I didn't."

Moton has pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, which carries a 20- to 40-year term, as well as conspiracy and other charges.

Gosnell's wife, Pearl, and eight other current or former employees are expected to testify.

It is unknown why Gosnell operated such a sub-standard clinic for women when he was a man of great personal wealth. Even though he relied on cheap help and outdated medical practices to perform abortions on desperately poor women, a grand jury reports that Gosnell was making $1.8 million a year off the clinic and owned 17 properties. He also ran a "pill mill" on the side where he supplied OxyContin and other painkillers to addicts and drug dealers. When police raided his home in 2010, they found $250,000 in cash hidden in his 12 year-old daughter's closet.

Sadly, Pennsylvania state health and medical regulators were alerted to the conditions at the clinic on numerous occasions but chose to ignore the complaints.

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