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Can a Catholic Sage Their House?

We recently had a question about the practice of "saging" one's home in order to clear the house of "bad vibrations." Is this practice compatible with Christianity?

In a word - no.

Saging is a shamanistic ritual that goes back to ancient Rome. The herb, sage, has long been used by indigenous peoples around the world for its medicinal properties and is often burned in the home by people who believe its scent is able to "cleanse" a home of "bad vibrations." Also known as smudging, this practitioner explains how to go about the saging of a house:

"Place a small amount of loose [sage] leaves in a bowl that can take heat ie terracotta pot/dish (not glass) and light the sage. Wait for the flame to come up a little and then whilst leaning over kitchen sink (as ash may blow out onto carpet), blow the flame out. This will then leave you with MAGICAL ENERGY CLEARING SMOKE ! Walk around your house and bedrooms, or space/business - and as the smoke rises up and out the windows negative energies and ‘stuff’ is released. I suggest you wear old clothes and make sure windows are open and a windy day is wonderful as it allows for the winds to carry any blocked energy and 'stuff' you have released out to the heavens and this neutralises the energy" [emphasis in original].

She goes on to say that intention is all important when saging. "You may like to say your own little prayer or ‘intention’ to clear, let go and surrender anything you wish. There are no rules, just positive intentions to clear the energies."

If this doesn't sound New Agey enough yet, the author adds that she believes allowing the smoke to flow over a person's aura and "energy fields" will have a cleansing effect on the person as well.

"You should notice a clearing and more peace and calm usually very soon after," she says.

Evidence of the occult roots of this practice can also be found in those who engage in the practice because they believe it enhances a person's ability to communicate with the spirit world.

Aside from lending a pleasing aroma to your home, saging is utterly useless for clearing "negative vibrations" from a home. The source of those "negative vibrations" could be evil spirits, in which case the sprinkling of holy water or blessed salt will be far more effective.

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