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Can You Broadcast New Age Energy?

MG writes: "My daughter has invited me to a talk about Broadcast Energy Treatments by Ethan Borg. Is this method related to new age? As I read the website some of the names used for the method were Fu Xi Wen, Open Source Medicine, Spirit Branch Medicine, Qu Infusions. I am wondering if this could be helpful medicine? As a Catholic I am skeptical but want to inform my daughter of its scientific usefulness too."

The task of informing your daughter of the scientific usefulness of Broadcast Energy Treatments will be very simple because - to put it bluntly - there isn't any. Ethan Borg's energy medicine practice is based on the existence of a putative form of energy for which there is no scientific evidence. In other words, it doesn't exist, so any healing purported to come from manipulating this energy is "all in the mind."

Mr. Borg published a lengthy bio of himself on his website explaining how he "discovered" his new treatment method which he claims is a blending of Feng Shui, medical Qi Gong, and Chinese medicine (he is an acupuncturist). He dubbed the treatment "Open Source Medicine."

"I called it this because I realized that what I had unlocked was the operating system of the body that could be manipulated with nothing more than sound – primarily the Five Healing Sounds of Qi Gong," he writes on his site.

(A healing sound is said to be a word, such as "hooo" which is repeated by a practitioner while focusing on a particular organ in the body. This is believed to release "fear energy" from that organ.)

In his Broadcast Energy Treatments, Borg claims to be able to broadcast his special treatment method worldwide.  Anyone who wants to receive it just has to "tap into" it.

"The treatments you receive have built-in diagnostic methods that allow for individualized care," he writes. "If you receive the treatment, you experience a dramatic shift in your energy based on the classical Chinese model of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements that is all designed to bring tissues of your body back to an energetically idealized state."

This might sound good, but there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support his claims. His website offers nothing more than testimonials to back up his assertions.

As this article explains, there are a variety of reasons why people believe they have been healed by unproven methods such as these, which is why testimonials are never considered to be proof of the efficacy of a treatment or medicine.

The best advice I could give to anyone considering this treatment is to close your wallet and walk away.

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