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Liberal Talk Show Host Mangles Nativity Story

In her haste to defend alternative family arrangements, MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry mangled the story of Jesus' birth in order to advance her liberal talking points.

Newsbusters' Ken Shepherd is reporting on the Nov. 24 show in which Harris-Perry used an incorrect rendition of the story of Jesus' birth to advance the notion that single motherhood - and all other kinds of modern family arrangements - are okay.

Melissa Harris-Perry

"Yes, there are families that consist of one man and one woman who are happily married to each other, who have never been married to anyone else, and who are rearing only their biological children, born without any reproductive technology and born after the two adults were legally married," Harris-Perry says.

"But there are many, many other fantastically loving, wonderful, creative, fulfilling and healthy ways to make family. Even Jesus was born to an unwed mom and raised by a doting stepfather. Listen, these days our film and television culture is finally keeping up with the variety that is family."

Obviously, Harris-Perry doesn't know much about the Bible because Mary and Joseph were wed at the time of Jesus' birth.

But the facts don't matter to some liberal journalists. As Shepherd points out, other liberal commentators have used a distorted version of the Nativity to support all kinds of ridiculous assertions about Jesus, such as that He was born to a homeless couple and that He was the quintessential illegal immigrant.

"Those on the Left love to lambaste conservative Christians as theocrats at worst or deluded religious freaks at best, and yet it is the Left who are doggedly determined to fashion Jesus Christ into an idol of their making, an avatar to advance a liberal agenda," Shepherd writes.

He adds: "To say the least, it's a rather tacky Christmas gift to give TV viewing audiences."

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