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The Character of a Man

I often tell my boys, "Character is what a man does when he thinks nobody is looking". It is in those moments that the true character of a man is revealed. This story is a perfect example. Click on the image to watch the story... 

During a weekend storm last Sunday, an American Flag displayed on a pole outside of a federal contractor's (METI Inc.) building in El Paso, Texas fell to the ground in driving wind and rain. When employees arrived the following morning, they found their flag folded military style and the pole secured alongside the building. Mystified as to how Old Glory found such a cozy resting place, they turned to their surveillance cameras only to find that the patriotic act was the handiwork of a simple passer-by; a Good Samaritan who happened to be walking past the location when the flag fell to the pavement at 1:40 AM.

The story would have been heartfelt and may have even invoked a sense of pride in this great nation and its loyal citizens if the heroic tale ended there, but this story revealed an even greater picture of devotion to one's country regardless of the hand that may have been dealt to an individual in this Land of Opportunity.

The Good Samaritan; the altruistic passer-by; was a homeless man. Gustus Bozarth to pay him his full respect. He lives in a makeshift apartment in the back of a nearby warehouse. He was simply walking by the night the flag fell amidst an onslaught of wind and rain and felt a duty to his country and all that it represents to show our national symbol the respect that it deserves.

The video added above, tells the tale of Gustus traveling the country and once working as a security guard in Tampa where he learned how to properly fold a flag. It also features a few words from this wonderful patriot where he tells the reporter that the flag symbolizes Freedom.

One man - a homeless man- understands the duty owed to his nation's flag, and despite all that he must overcome on a daily basis, still has enough admiration and respect for his great nation that he would never allow the Stars and Stripes to be soiled. He said "It's a small respect, folding the flag like that." After all that he has undoubtedly overcome and all that he must continue to face on a daily basis, he still has love for the nation that affords him the opportunity to live as he chooses and doesn't begrudge that nation for his current situation.