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New Service Offers Sperm from Famous Men

The trend toward acceptance of designer babies will take another leap forward next year when a new service will offer mothers-to-be "top quality celebrity surrogate fathers" for their children.

The Telegraph is reporting that the new service, called Fame Daddy, will offer "premium sperm service" to women at prices starting at around $24,000. The company's website, which launched this week, will allow women to pick from a variety of famous fathers such as an Oscar-winning actor, a champion sportsman, CEO, etc. The men's identities will be kept secret and all donors will be required to sign a legal waiver of their rights to have any access to the child they are siring.

Based in the UK, the company is hoping to complete the four-month application process for licensing by February, 2013.

“We currently have about 40 people on our register of interested donors," said Dan Richards, Fame Daddy's chief executive. "Of course, until we have premises we cannot store sperm and therefore we as of yet have no actual samples. I am confident most of these will donate once we are operational.”

Interested donors include recording artists, a tennis pro and several cricket players.

"Our vision is to help women give their children the very best chance in life," Richards said. "To be able to harvest potential from the global gene pool, rather than from the more limited selection of the men she comes into direct contact with, is a major evolutionary leap for women."

The dehumanizing aspects of these procedures is evident even in the language used to describe them and is precisely why the Church forbids the faithful to take part in them.

"Human beings bear the image and likeness of God. They are to be reverenced as sacred. Never are they to be used as a means to an end, not even to satisfy the deepest wishes of an infertile couple," writes John M. Haas, Ph.D., STL, president of the National Catholic Bioethics Center in "Begotten Not Made."

"Husbands and wives 'make love,' they do not 'make babies.' They give expression to their love for one another, and a child may or may not be engendered by that act of love. The marital act is not a manufacturing process, and children are not products. Like the Son of God himself, we are the kind of beings who are 'begotten, not made' and, therefore, of equal status and dignity with our parents."

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