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Gardasil Suspected of Causing Teen's Infertility

In addition to the myriad of other medical problems associated with the controversial Gardasil vaccine, a doctor has published an article in the British Medical Journal detailing how a 16 year-old Australian girl suffered "premature ovarian failure" after receiving the vaccine.

The Population Research Institute (PRI) is reporting that Dr. Deirdre Little, the Australian doctor who treated the girl, explains how her patient's menstrual cycles were normal and regular until she received the Gardasil vaccination in 2008. Within months, her cycle became increasingly irregular. Within two years, it stopped altogether.

Dr. Little diagnosed the teen as having "premature ovarian failure" and further testing confirmed that all of her eggs were dead, thus rendering her completely infertile.

"Early menopause is highly unusual. In this case, the girl was in excellent health, and had no family or personal medical history that could explain this premature menopause," the PRI reports.

"It should be noted that many young girls are told, as she was, to take oral contraceptives as an antidote to what is called in the medical field, oligomenorrhoea, which means infrequent or very light menstruation," the PRI reports. "Most probably take their physician's advice, which means that there may be many more cases of 'premature ovarian failure' than we now know, since the contraceptives mask the symptoms."

This latest medical alarm only adds to the long list of maladies associated with the vaccine which was introduced in 2006 by Merck & Co. to protect against a sexually transmitted disease called Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. The manufacturer has been criticized for marketing the drug to girls younger than those upon which it was tested, and for lobbying governments around the world to make the vaccine mandatory for school attendance.

Since its introduction, known side effects include pain, swelling, itching, bruising and redness at the injection site; headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, vomiting and fainting. Sometimes fainting is accompanied by falling with injury, as well as shaking or stiffening and other seizure-like activity.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has received more than 18,700 reports of adverse side effects related to Gardasil since 2006. These reports include serious adverse effects including Guilliane Barre, lupus, seizures, paralysis, blood clots, brain inflammation, severe fatigue and weakness, heart problems, shortness of breath, chest pains and many more.

At last 82 deaths have been reported deaths as a result of Gardasil use.

The Australian case was eventually reported to that country's Therapeutic Goods Administration which discovered that very little is known about the effects of Gardasil on the female reproductive process. While there have been various tests conducted on rats, none of them tested for the impact of the vaccine on rat ovaries.

"While Dr. Little could not confirm that Gardasil caused the destruction of the girl's reproductive system, she was able to rule out all other possible causes," the PRI reports. "The circumstantial evidence implicating Gardasil is strong."

They added: "It is very rare for a healthy 16-year-old girl to go through menopause. It is also a personal tragedy of the first order, one that will only grow in magnitude as she marries and yearns to start a family."

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