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Consecrating A Child to the Blessed Virgin Mary

One of the real graces that comes through our radio broadcast, Women of Grace Live (EWTN Radio, its affiliates, and Sirius 130, 11:00 AM ET) are the number of people who call in to give help and assistance to other callers. It is not infrequent that our listeners provide the very answer our callers most need to hear. What grace!

Following is just such an example. A woman called in and asked if I had a prayer to consecrate a baby to Mary. I quickly looked on line and gave her a suggestion or two but shortly after our broadcast, this beautiful prayer of consecration was sent in by one of our listeners. It had been printed in her parish bulletin that very week. Now that is the Holy Spirit at work!

Consecrating a baby to the Blessed Virgin is an ancient tradition as is consecrating oneself to Mary. When such a consecration is made, it is always with the understanding that it is to Jesus through Mary that the consecration is intended.

Following is the prayer submitted by our listener. I especially like it because it implores the help and assistance of each member of the Holy Family. The instructions printed with the prayer encouraged parents to pray the consecrations below for each of their children at least once during their lives. It reminded them that parents "can render no greater service to their children than to implore their salvation, and indeed, they will of necessity render almighty God an account of their efforts in this regard."



(Adapted from a prayer by St John Eudes and other sources.)

O Jesus, only Son of God, only Son of Mary, I come to Thee as an unworthy parent, and I humbly consecrate to thy Most Sacred Heart, now and for eternity, the soul of my child N. I surrender him/her to Thy sweet yoke and place him/her at the foot of Thy Cross. I offer Thee for him/her the most loving Heart of Thy Most Holy Mother Mary, which is more precious and pleasing to Thee than all hearts, and I beg Thee by her merits to show Thyself to him/her a Savior.

O Mary, Mother of Jesus, I come to Thee as an unworthy parent, and I humbly consecrate to thy Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, now and for eternity, the soul of my child N. I offer Thee for him/her the most adorable Heart of Thy Son Jesus, who is the life, love and joy of Thy own Heart, and I beg Thee by the infinite merits of the Divine Son, Thou who art our Mother in the order of grace, to obtain the grace of salvation for my child.

O glorious St. Joseph, I come to thee  and ask thee to take under thy special protection my child N. I consecrate him/her to thee today, that through this consecration he/she they may become your foster child. Guard him/her, guide his/her steps in life, and form his/her heart after the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. O glorious St. Joseph, who felt the tribulation and worry of a parent when the child Jesus was lost, protect him/her for time and eternity. May you be his/her father and counselor. Preserve him/her from the corruption of this world, and obtain for us the grace to be united in heaven forever. Amen.