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Feminist Porn Found on Girl Scouts Recommended Reading List

A book written by a former Planned Parenthood employee director about a post-apocalyptic matriarchal society in which men are used for sex and as servants is listed as recommended reading by Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA).

According to Christy Volanski, mother of Tess and Sydney Volanski, the two former girl scouts who launched a website last year exposing the liberal agenda of the Scouts, she was alerted to the bizarre book recommendation by a friend who spotted it in a GSUSA book, Girltopia.

Entitled The Gate to Women's Country, it was authored by former Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood Director Sheri S. Tepper, a well-known eco-feminist and feminist science fiction writer.

Tepper's tale takes place 300 years into the future after a catastrophic war splits the U.S. into several nations with "Women's Country" being established in the Pacific northwest. The society within this country is matriarchal with all women, girl children and boys under the age of five living inside the town walls. All of the men live outside the town in "warrior camps." When the boys are five years old, they must leave Women’s Country and can only return at the age of 15 and only if they agree to be servants and castrated. 

The book also incorporates Tepper's eco-feminist ideology. Women's Country exists within the framework of a sustainable economy with the people living off foods grown by low-tech local agriculture.

The citizens of Women's Country are also very concerned with breeding violence out of society which they believe is biologically determined. "Medical Officers" weed out undesirable men but women are also given hysterectomies and tubal ligations if they are deemed unfit to breed.

As Volanski describes, the men from the warrior camps are only seen twice a year for a “Carnival” where women are encouraged to have sex with them either to satiate themselves and/or pro-create.

"Women use the men only for sex, babies and servants. Is this what we want to teach girls?" Volanski asks. "What about the dignity of marriage and the vital role men play as fathers and the importance of the family unit?"

The book is full of language so foul it cannot be reprinted here with four-letter words being used not as a curse words but as verbs.

Tepper's book has been recommended in Girltopia, a guide for girls that has been used by troops since 2008. It is currently being sold by GSUSA and in council stores.

"It’s important we understand the materials GSUSA is promoting to girls," Volanski said. "Keep in mind GSUSA is calling this book an example of a utopia and recommending this book and author by name to young high school girls."

When confronted about the book, GSUSA media manager Michelle Thompson said the organization is "looking into this" and that they "constantly review our materials based on feedback and suggestions we receive from our members, and we update our materials on a regular basis."

The controversy surrounding the liberal ideology of the Girls Scouts has been gaining steam for years, but it intensified over the 2011 holiday season when Sydney Volanski made several appearances on Fox News. Her purpose was to alert the public to a Girl Scout publication that was directing young girls to the liberal site Media Matters in order to combat media misinformation. An instant backlash caused GSUSA to respond with a promise to have the reference removed from future publications.

Concern about the organization's publications and affiliations with groups such as Planned Parenthood that promote moral positions that violate Church teaching is also growing in Catholic communities and parishes where the Girl Scouts are frequently permitted to gather. 

In spite of GSUSA's insistence that the Scouts are neutral on social issues, there is mounting evidence to the contrary, which leads Volanski to ask what is the most vital question of all for Catholics:  "How long will we, the Church, continue to endorse an organization that promotes this type of material to our precious youth?"

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