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Global Information Network: The Master Schemer Strikes Again!

HM writes: "I have a question about the organization by Kevin Trudeau called the Global Information Network. I have friends that have been trying to get us involved for a while, and I always just thought of it as a scam.  But now, all signs are telling me to stay far away.

"I have more serious doubts now as it was recently brought to my attention that one of his speakers was quoted as saying that "religion is the main manipulation of human kind to control the mind and spirit of the human race."  At this point I am not just on the defense, but I am very concerned for my friends and would like to give solid information to them as to why they should halt all activities with this organization."

If your friends need solid information about Trudeau and his various rackets, they can read the files contained on this FTC page which lists all the charges against Trudeau from larceny to credit card fraud and operating illegal pyramid schemes.

This should give anyone cause to pause about becoming involved in anything Trudeau cooks up, including the Global Information Network which is just another one of his creative marketing schemes.

The Global Information Network (GIN) claims to allow ordinary people access to the most "top secret" information on the planet which is supposedly kept by the most influential people in the world. They include members of the Illuminati, Skulls And Bones, Brotherhood, Bilderberg group, Freemasons, and several other secret societies (although he identifies not a single member of these groups by name).  This information and knowledge is about how to earn more money, make good investments, be healthier, etc.

"For the first time in human history, the highest ranking members of these 'secret societies' have encouraged the formation of a new, private, member only group, a group that allows people who do not qualify to become members of the above listed societies to join together, and be exposed to the same secrets revealed and taught to members of those societies and clubs," Trudeau claims on the website.

"There is a New World Order forming that is designed to increase the gap between the wealthy and the average working man," the site continues. "GIN does not agree with this movement of total control over individuals. GIN believes that EVERY person has the right to know the secrets of creating the life they want and enjoying freedom, pursuing happiness, and achieving all their dreams and desires."

After spewing this happy horse-hockey, he goes on to reveal the method in which the public is bilked out of their life's savings.

There are 12 levels of membership beginning with Level one which only costs $1500 up-front, followed by $150 in monthly dues. This entitles you to access secret money-making "classified" information. You may also qualify for additional bennies such as free trips and luxury cars. When you get others to join, you get a percentage of the initiation and monthly fees.

The qualifications for moving to level two is "classified" until you become a level one member. Once you become a level two member, the qualifications for level three are revealed to you.

He's also offering the public an early Christmas gift by allowing people to join without paying the $1500 initiation fee this December. They simply pay the $150 monthly dues until deciding whether or not to join. In the meantime, you get access to members-only events such as workshops and meetings, access to their library which contains "hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of audios, videos and books", the Level 1 Success Mastery Course (whatever that is) and audios from past seminars "featuring the world's most renowned speakers and best-selling authors and experts."

When I conducted a search for complaints about the organization, I found the Net stacked with pro-GIN people who have a vested interest in telling people it's not a scam because they're out to make a buck off the consumer as well.

This article about Trudeau, appearing in the Skeptics Dictionary, is safe because although they're skeptics, at least they're not trying to make a buck off of you.

This Salon article also shoots straight.

Why anyone would buy anything this man is selling is beyond me.

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