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The Ungodly Roots of American Sex Education

Special Report by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

The raunchy contents of New York City's mandated sex ed program has shocked the nation, but it's no surprise if you consider the sordid roots of sex education in America.

The largest provider of sex education material in the United States is the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SEICUS). This organization was founded in 1964 by associates of Alfred Kinsey, the famous sexologist from Indiana University whose research, now known to be seriously flawed, became the bedrock upon which the sexual revolution was built.

First, for some necessary background.

The Twisted Legacy of Alfred Kinsey

According to the research of Kinsey expert Dr. Judith Reisman, Kinsey was a professor of zoology at Indiana University who began his career in sexology in 1938 when the school asked him to design a course on marriage for married and engaged students.  During this time, he created a questionnaire of 350 intimate sexual questions which he began to use to "compile data" about the sexual habits of his students. These "sex histories" became the basis of his two best-selling books, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.

Although Kinsey presented himself to the world as a God-fearing family man, he was actually an atheist and a homosexual who endorsed - and engaged in - a variety of perversions. These included forcing his staff and their families to be filmed while engaging in sex acts, endorsing sexual activity between adults and children, claiming that all forms of sodomy were natural and healthy, and believing that adultery made marriages stronger.

Kinsey's deviant ideologies were very much a part of his questionnaire, which asked the kind of intimate questions the average man and woman of the 1940's found shocking. Most of them refused to answer it, which forced Kinsey and his team to solicit respondents from among "volunteers." Because of the nature of the questions, these volunteers were mostly deviants, incarcerated criminals, prostitutes, and the men he found in local gay bars. Kinsey included this data in with samplings from the general population, which naturally skewed the numbers toward the perversions he embraced.  He then presented this data to the public as being representative of the general population. This is how he claimed to "prove" that 95 percent of American males regularly engaged in deviant sexual activities, that 10 percent of the population was homosexual, that pornography was healthy and women enjoyed being raped. Even more horrifying, in order to prove that humans were sexual "from womb to tomb" he conducted experiments on children as young as six months and paid pedophiles to submit "data" from their crimes in order to support his hypothesis.

At the time, only a few scientists were aware of the fact that at least a third of the people Kinsey interviewed were convicted sex offenders, but their voices were drowned out by the sensation he was causing throughout the country. As a result, by the time Kinsey died in 1956, his skewed research had penetrated the very fabric of the nation, from the public's view of sexuality and marriage to criminal sentencing and adultery laws.

The Birth of SIECUS

After his death, Kinsey's cohorts, operating out of the Kinsey Institute, which is still part of the University of Indiana, began to launch a variety of organizations to promote Kinsey's "New Biology." One of those organizations was the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex (SSSS) which established a Commission of Accreditation for a new field known as sexuality education and began to train teachers in Kinsey's warped model. Only teachers and programs who espoused the beliefs of Alfred Kinsey received approval to teach human sexuality in the classroom.

SIECUS was among those organization and was charged with developing sexual education curriculum based on Kinsey's work.  The initial funding for SIECUS came from Playboy and the organization's first director, Wardell Pomeroy, a close associate of Kinsey, served on the board of Penthouse Magazine - which explains why American sex ed is so pornographic.

Pomeroy was also the author of a 1977 article appearing in Penthouse titled “A New Look at Incest.” In this article, he says “Incest can be a satisfying, non-threatening and even an enriching emotional experience."

Aiming their material at young children has been intentional at SIECUS from the very beginning. The organization's first president was Mary Calderone, the medical director of Planned Parenthood, who  believed human sexuality should be taught “with awareness of infant and childhood sexuality.”

She also had no problem with pedophilia. "It is not that [pedophilia] is a bad thing or a wicked thing," she wrote in the 1992 issue of Citizen Magazine, "it just simply should not be part of life in general, right out on the sidewalk.”

In the early 80's, Time Magazine made two attempts to expose Calderone and others at SIECUS for their "anything goes" attitude about sex for and with children. As Dr. Reisman cites, the April 14, 1980 issue of Time addressed SIECUS' paper on incest, entitled "Attacking the Last Taboo," claiming the organization was part of an academic "pro-incest lobby . . .conducting a campaign to undermine the taboo against incest, and all other sexual inhibitions - the Kinsey model."

That SIECUS still espouses Kinsey's "womb to tomb" assertion is attested to on its website where it states: "Sexual feelings, desires, and activities are present throughout the life cycle."

All of the above explains why SIECUS issued guidelines for sexuality education in 1991 that were aimed at institutionalizing Kinsey's "New Biology" nationwide. These guidelines suggested that teens be permitted to explore "the full range of safe sexual behaviors" so that "we may help to raise a generation of adults that do not equate sex with intercourse . . ."

Direct quotes from the 2nd edition of the Guidelines for children aged five to eight include "both girls and boys have body parts that feel good when touched" and "Touching and rubbing one's own genitals to feel good is called masturbation."

In a 1992 pamphlet entitled "Talk About Sex," SIECUS urged children not to reject the sexually exploitive media that surrounds them, but to use it as a sexual aid.

And they're still singing the same perverted tunes. They currently host a website for youth called which gives children all kinds of liberal advice on sexuality, from choosing birth control to sexual orientation. It refers youth to the infamous Go Ask Alice website at Columbia University which discusses activities from "swing clubs" to bestiality in a positive light. A link to Planned Parenthood's racy equivalent, known as Teen Wire, is also given, along with links to major gay activist organizations such as GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) and the ACLU.

Even though SIECUS educational material is based on research that has been thoroughly discredited by serious science, this organization is now one of the largest distributors of sexual education materials in the U.S. It's website boasts of being "a recognized leader in the field of sexuality and sexuality education, publishing numerous books, journals, and resources for professionals, parents, and the public" and treats Calderone as a heroine who just wanted "to live in a world in which sexuality was viewed as a natural and healthy part of life."

And it's affiliation with Planned Parenthood, which has profited mightily from SIECUS sex ed programs that send youngsters flocking to their clinics for pills and abortions, continues to this day. Both the current president and Chief Operating Officer of SIECUS are both former Planned Parenthood employees.

Although there are other producers of comprehensive "safe" sex programs, they're all of the same ilk because they are sourced in the curriculums designed by Kinsey and his colleagues.

Thus far, SIECUS has been successful in warding off attacks from the "right." One need only read their annual "Controversy Report" to see how they view anyone who opposes their scientifically unfounded approach to sexual education. But the good news contained in their reports is how many parents and schools are willing to fight this national scandal.

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