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Women: God’s Secret Weapon for Our Time!

                                  Malvern Retreat House, Malvern, PA

This year’s Women of Grace retreat, scheduled for July 13-15 at the Malvern Retreat House in Malvern, PA, will delve into the mysterious union of Mary and the Holy Spirit and how the fruits of this union can empower today’s woman to meet the complex challenges of our day.

The theme for this Spirit-filled event is “Embracing the Holy Duet: Mary and the Holy Spirit,” and will feature Johnnette Benkovic, Women of Grace® Founder and President, along with international retreat master Father Philip Scott, F.J., and Catholic evangelist and radio host Kathleen Beckman L.H.S. Catholic author and creator of the Warrior Rosary, Thomas K. Sullivan, and Jack Williams, General Manager of EWTN radio, will also present during this three-day event.

One of the most popular women’s retreats in the country, this year’s event is designed to help women explore the relationship between Mary and the Holy Spirit and what effect it can have on their everyday lives. Women will learn how to safeguard their loved ones from the assaults of the devil and the culture of the day, and come to understand how the gifts of the Holy Spirit demonstrated through Mary can change any situation.

“How, then, do we embrace the Holy Duet both practically and spiritually so we may experience the ‘startling wonders’ that come by way of it?” Johnnette asks. “What can we anticipate will be the benefits to ourselves, our families, the world as a whole? And in what ways will the union of Mary and the Holy Spirit within us prevail against the attacks of the devil toward ourselves and all those we hold dear? That’s what we will discover as we come together to embrace the Holy Duet.”

The Benedicta Leadership Enrichment Seminar, an annual seminar designed to equip Catholic women with the leadership skills they need to provide virtuous leadership in the 21st century, will precede this retreat.

This year’s seminar, which will take place July 12-13 is entitled, “Women: God’s Special Weapon Against Evil,” and will be presented by Kathleen Beckman, L.H.S. It is based on Wisdom 8:22-30 and a quote from St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) who said that women are “God’s special weapon against evil.” It will also consider the strategies and tactics of the demonic, how to recognize them, and the weaponry we have against them.

What does it mean to be a “weapon” in the hands of God and what relevance does this have for today’s woman? These are the questions that will be answered during the seminar.

“We will examine how Mary and the Holy Spirit clothe us with the dynamism of love and distributes spiritual gifts that we need in order to overcome evil by doing good,” Kathleen said. “The evil spirits fear a Godly woman. Come and discover why!”

Register for this life-changing event at or call 1-800-558-5452.