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Vasectomy Reversal Results in Rare Triplets

A 31 year-old man from Indiana has revealed that the rare identical triplets born to him and his wife on December 30 were conceived naturally after he had a vasectomy reversal.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Chad Doss of Franklin, Indiana, underwent a vasectomy reversal in 2012 after marrying his second wife, Amanda. Doctors gave him a 66 percent chance of being able to father a child within five years after getting the reversal.

"We were thinking, we’ll try for one and grow our family just a little bit," Doss said.

When his wife became pregnant so soon, they were overjoyed. But when doctors confirmed that Amanda was carrying three little girls, he was incredulous.

'It’s beyond [a] miracle . . . It’s unbelievable,' he told following the birth of his daughters Avery, Cassidy and Bentley Doss on December 30.

The babies, who were born healthy at 31 weeks, are identical, which is so rare that there are no studies to establish just how often it happens. Some experts calculate the odds to be has high as one in 100 million. In the Doss' case, doctors believe that the egg split into three shortly after conception because the babies shared a placenta and chorionic sac but had their own amniotic sacs.

Avery, who weighed 3lbs 15oz was born first, followed by Cassidy at 3lbs 11oz, and then Bentley who weighs 4lbs 3oz.

Doss, who has two other children from a previous marriage, is calling their birth the miracle that it is.

"It’s unbelievable that let alone we had a reversal, but then for us to have three and they’re identical, it’s a miracle. We’re very blessed."

The infants are currently being cared for in the neonatal intensive care unit at St. Vincent Women's Hospital in Indianapolis where they will stay for a few more weeks while they continue to grow.

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