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Urban Outfitters Now Hawking Condoms

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS Staff Journalist Youth-oriented Urban Outfitters is calling on teens to "help support Planned Parenthood" by buying a three-pack of their condoms, which are known to be among the most inferior of all brands.  The American Life League (ALL) is mobilizing parents to boycott Urban Outfitter stores and products until they stop selling the product, which they have dubbed "Proper Attire" condoms. Selling for $7 per 3-pack, youth are not being told that Planned Parenthood condoms scored at the very bottom of a 2005 Consumer Reports study on condom effectiveness. ”By hawking Planned Parenthood’s condoms, Urban Outfitters has become part of the problem, not the solution,” said Rita Diller, national director of ALL's STOPP program. “The great majority of parents do not want a penny of their money going to an organization like Planned Parenthood, which works around the clock to undermine parental rights, sexualize children and protect their abusers.” Billed as a “safe bet,” the item’s description in the Urban Outfitters online catalogue says, “Proceeds from Proper Attire condoms benefit advances in reproductive health.” “Marketing condoms to young people and telling them it’s a safe bet is like giving them a revolver and inviting them to a rousing game of Russian roulette,” Diller said. ”The only way to truly protect our youth from AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases and out-of-wedlock pregnancy is to do everything in our power to encourage them to remain sexually abstinent until marriage.” In addition to advertising the condoms in its catalog, the company is also hawking the brand on its Facebook page, which shouts: "Hello from URBAN OUTFITTERS! We are delighted that PROPER ATTIRE is now available at your fave lifestyle store! Isn't that marvelous? Please help support Planned Parenthood and buy a pack TODAY or click 'like' on the FB link on the Urban Outfitters site to help spread the news." Parents are encouraged to explain to Urban Outfitters that if the retailer continues to promote Planned Parenthood condoms, they will boycott its stores and products, and will let other parents know about the connection between Planned Parenthood and Urban Outfitters. Parents are also encouraged to tell Urban Outfitters that they do not want it marketing any sexually oriented products to their children. You can call the Urban Outfitters corporate office at 800-959-8794 (toll-free) or 215-454-5500, or e-mail it at © All Rights Reserved, Living His Life Abundantly®/Women of Grace®