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The Normalization of Pedophilia is Well Under Way

As shocking as it might sound, progress on the normalization of pedophilia is well under way as a small but influential group of mental health professionals, academics and pedophile "activists" quietly work to convince the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to decriminalize pedophilia and be more tolerant of "minor-attracted persons."

In a recent article appearing in The Washington Times, Janice Shaw Crouse, director of Concerned Women for America's Beverly LaHaye Institute, documents the progress being made by B4U-Act, a small radical pro-pedophilia activist group is aligning itself with noteworthy academicians from the likes of Harvard and Johns Hopkins in their effort to get pedophilia removed from the APA's list of abnormal behaviors. Known as the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), removing homosexuality from this list was a major step in the normalization of same-sex relations in the U.S. and B4U-Act is intent on using the same tactics to mainstream pedophilia.

Unfortunately, this fringe group is beginning to have some success.

"Now the pedophilia activists are flexing their political muscles and with some success, changing the culture through changing the language of social science and medical terminology," explains Crouse.

"To be released in 2013, the DSM proposes subtle yet significant revisions to its featured section on 'paraphilic' disorders. The term 'paraphilia' encompasses a wide range of aberrant sexual urges and behaviors, including but not limited to pedophilia, exhibitionism, fetishism, sexual sadism and masochism."

In the proposed changes, the DSM paraphilia section will now make a distinction between “paraphilias” and “paraphilic disorders.” In order for a pedophile to meet the criteria for the disorder, the person who is “minor-attracted” must experience significant “distress or impairment” or cause “harm to others.”

"So, essentially, a grown man who engages in sex with a consenting 12-year-old and sleeps soundly at night does not have a disorder," Crouse explains. "Pedophilia is only a problem when it falls within certain narrowly specified criminal categories."

As part of the paraphilia changes, the “pedophilia” subgroup will be given a new name: “pedohebephilic disorder.”  In order to qualify, one must experience sexual stimulation from at least two prepubescent children - or at least three children, if one is pubescent, Crouse explains. All this must take place for at least a period of six months and must involve the repeated use of porn.

"Under such conditions, a person who molests the same child for years - exclusively - is not a pedophile. A person who sexually assaults different children for less than half a year is not a pedophile."

Americans may think, "This can never happen. Pedophilia can never be normalized,” but Crouse reminds us of all the immoralities that have been normalized in the past few decades, such as homosexuality, divorce, premarital sex, etc.

" . . . (A)ll because the lies have been packaged for us so nicely," she writes. "We were told that morality is relative and that right and wrong are simply cultural preferences. We were told that adhering to an absolute truth that judges between good and evil is narrow-minded. We were told we needed to alter our language to become more politically correct - that pedophiles are simply 'minor-attracted persons' who are the victims of societal stigma, bigotry and intolerance. We are told that our children are sexual from birth and have the capacity to be willing participants in intercourse from their infancy."

The time has come when we need to wake up and realize that we can no longer casually dismiss radical fringe groups as irrelevant.

"Instead, we must take seriously those who want to steer our nation into a moral morass. We are not powerless; we can serve as watchdogs, monitoring institutions such as the APA and keeping them accountable. If we’ve learned nothing else from the Jerry Sandusky scandal, we have learned that pedophilia involves real people, and little children are the victims when a trusted adult perpetrator exploits their innocence and takes sexual advantage of their trust."

Click here to read the full report "Who in Their Right Mind Would Normalize Pedophilia" by Brenda Zurita of Concerned Women for America.

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